NEW photoshoot and interview of Taylor Schilling for Imagista Magazine

NEW photoshoot and interview of Taylor Schilling for Imagista Magazine

Taylor Schilling first grabbed our attention with her role as “Piper” on the hit  Netflix series, Orange Is the New Black. But the actress, who was nominated for a Golden Globe award for the role, is so much more than that. We caught up with the busy actress as she navigates being creative in the time of pandemic.

Imagista: Hello Taylor. How are you keeping at this curious point in history?

Taylor: With lots of practice, I have become quite adept at living by life day by day.  The ‘one day at a time’ practice is always very useful to me, but has proven to be even more vital now. Just as much as sleep or water. I’ve also gotten more involved in my own community, and spent time focusing on my interests outside of acting.

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NEW photoshoot and interview of Taylor Schilling for The Bare Magazine

NEW photoshoot and interview of Taylor Schilling for The Bare Magazine 

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The Bare Magazine: Can you take us through a day typical day hanging in Upstate NY?

Taylor Schilling: My days are generally quite routine. I start my day with meditation, always— It’s important for me to plug in to myself first thing. I usually exercise and find some coffee. I love seeing my friends and loved ones— it’s usually the most fulfilling part of my day. Cooking, reading, and spending time in nature are also important. It’s all pretty simple stuff! When I create a structure prioritizing space, care and simplicity, I can more easily navigate the world on my own terms.

Bare: Do you have a vision or goal for yourself this year that fuels you?

TS: I want to continue finding myself surrounded by people who inspire creative freedom and risk taking. What I’m also really after these days is feeling settled and grounded at home; to keep finding more self acceptance and love so that I can pour it back into my personal and professional worlds.

Bare: Who and/or what brings you the most joy and happiness these days?

TS: Nothing is better than getting coffee with a friend and taking a long walk by the water or in the woods, especially with my pup Tank. I feel energized by nature and space.

Bare: There was a great confidence with your body during our shoot. Can you share how you’ve gotten to be so comfortable in your skin?

TS: Feeling comfortable in my own skin is something I’m thankful to feel moments of every day and it can be hard. It takes conscious intention and gratitude. For me, in front of the camera it can be a matter of projecting confidence and then feeling it, instead of the other way around. It’s a dance but worth it.

Bare: Are you feeling ready to sink deep into a character again soon?

TS: I never feel more free and curious than when I’m on a job, all of us buried in the world of the project. I feel blown away by how my work continues to fascinate me. I went to undergrad and grad school for acting and I still find myself drawn to being in class when i’m not working. Sometimes it’s hard to believe all that I’ve been able to do so far. I love it and am excited for what’s next. It’s a dream to have options— that I can take time to choose the projects that feel right. I don’t know what comes next and it’s exhilarating.

Bare: What creators, actors and film makers inspire and move you?

TS: Uncut Gems was one of my favorite movies of the year. The emotional intricacy and rawness of the Safdie brother’s world is like nothing else. I direction by Robert Eggers of The Lighthouse was astounding. Shia Lebouf’s HoneyBoy was revelatory for me on many levels. And then there’s Natasha Lyonne who in all ways is an inspiring creator and character in my life.

Full interview at the Bare Magazine. Photos & interview: Tina Turnbow