NEW Taylor Schilling Interview with Metro Boston

Here’s a new interview of Taylor Schilling with Metro Boston

If spoilers and trailers have taught us anything it’s that something intensely bad is brewing at Litchfield Penitentiary as Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black” enters season four. 

“It gets more and more tense. Tensions are rising,” says star Taylor Schilling.  “Things are getting worse.”

Schilling plays Piper Chapman, a young woman jailed for smuggling drug money across the border. In the season four trailer, we see Chapman — following a unionized revolt by fellow inmates she’s recruited/manipulated into a surprisingly lucrative underground used panty selling scheme — feeling the wrath of her betrayals, both physically and emotionally. While Schilling is well aware her character has her fair share of haters, she still feels that Piper is a sort of anti-hero. 

“I think there’s something heroic in trying to be yourself. She’s trying that desperately,” explains Schilling. “She’s definitely trying to figure out who she is, so I think I appreciate her a real lot.

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New Taylor Schilling interview with Boston Common


From Boston Common

What can fans expect from the fourth season of Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black?
TAYLOR SCHILLING: Things are getting more fraught in Litchfield. The tension will continue to rise during season four. Piper is struggling this year. She’s trying very hard to hold on tight and things are dissolving—it’s like she’s grabbing at sand. It is absolutely a thrill every time I walk on set. It never gets old. I feel so lucky to be doing what I do with a group of people that I love.

How exciting is it as a Boston-area native and Origins ambassador to be celebrating the 25th anniversary and new design concept of its first free-standing store?
TS: I am thrilled to be back in a city that I love, at the store that I can remember coming to as a young teen. I remember coming to this store when I was 12, as soon as we could get on the train. I’ve been using the products for as long as I can remember. What I loved, and still love about Origins, is when you come into the store you get to try everything.

What about Origins resonates with you?
TS: What I really appreciate about Origins is that the product is as healthy for the planet as it is for me. I’m a fan of the Dr. Andrew Weil Mega-Defense line.

Has your skincare routine changed with long days on set for Orange Is the New Black?
TS: I spend so much time in the makeup chair because of my job and I’ve learned the importance of skincare. I always make sure all my makeup is off my face before bed. Truly! I never go to bed with makeup on.


New Interview of Taylor Schilling with Popsugar

Here’s a new interview of Taylor Schilling with Popsugar


From Popsugar

POPSUGAR: You seem to be a pretty environmentally conscious person. Does that factor into your partnership with Origins?
Taylor Schilling: For sure. I like the idea that I can feel confident that the products I’m using aren’t harming the planet — that they’re good for me and they’re good for the environment. I was so thrilled to be able to help out with their Kiss the Planet campaign. Every time a selfie was posted with the hashtag #KissThePlanet, Origins planted a tree for Earth Day. I really think it’s so important and special when a company decides to put their beliefs into action.

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New Taylor Schilling interview with Boston Magazine


From Boston Magazine

The world is most accustomed to seeing Taylor Schilling in a khaki prison uniform and little-to-no makeup. Outside the cells of Orange Is the New Black, however, Schilling is an Origins ambassador, a role that brought the former Wayland and West Roxbury resident back to Boston on Wednesday for the grand reopening of the brand’s Harvard Square store.

We caught up with Schilling at Origins—a shop she says she’s been visiting since she was old enough to take the T into the city—to talk beauty, fitness, and her Massachusetts upbringing.

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Taylor Schilling to be at Origins Store Grand Opening in Boston on May 18th


From Boston Herald

But spending money on beauty essentials is a feel-good experience at Origins, thanks to the brand’s commitment to give back to Mother Earth. In fact, Origins recently partnered with actress/Boston native Taylor Schilling (“Orange Is the New Black”) to launch a campaign to plant more trees in in-need-of-green areas around the world.

Shoppers were even encouraged to partake in a social media campaign and share their love for Mother Earth via selfies with the hashtag “KissThePlanet.” Schilling, a longtime Origins fan and eco-advocate, will return to the company’s first-ever, free-standing store for the reopening soiree May 18.

Learn more about Origins and how to celebrate the Harvard Square store grand opening at