Cast members of the groundbreaking series Orange Is the New Black ask fans of the show to join them for a livestreamed event to learn about and activate for anti-racist criminal justice reform to benefit Color Of Change and The Poussey Washington Fund. Participating Cast Uzo Aduba, Danielle Brooks, Taylor Schilling, Natasha Lyonne, Yael Stone, Laura Prepon, Dascha Polanco, Selenis Leyva, Laverne Cox, Adrienne C. Moore and Kate Mulgrew

New interview of Taylor Schilling for ‘Orange Is The New Black’ season 7

New interview of Taylor Schilling for ‘Orange Is The New Black’ season 7


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After seven wonderful seasons, ‘Orange Is the New Black’ , the most popular Netflix series ever, finally came to an end at the end of July. The doors of the popular women’s prison Litchfield fell for the very last time in the lock, meaning that actress Taylor Schilling had to say goodbye to her character Piper Chapman and her orange outfit. Please note: the odd person who has not seen the first six seasons will bump into spoilers.

Taylor Schilling «I started my career with a series of flops. For my first film I was allowed to go on the set with Meryl Streep , but the project was canceled. I then played in the NBC series ‘Mercy’, but he only sung it for one season. The many scenes that I played as Ben Affleck’s wife in ‘Argo’ were almost all cut in the editing room. You understand that I started ‘Orange Is the New Black’ with low expectations (laughs).

»I am grateful for the many fans who have supported us for seven seasons. It has changed our lives forever, and I hope the series of politicians has made us aware of the flaws in the American prison system. ”

– How was the very last day on the set?
Schilling «Bittersweet. It was also Laura ‘s last day ( Prepon , who plays Alex Vause, ed.). We started the series together and completed them together. I will miss the cast enormously. We all agreed so well. We laughed and danced during the recording, some rap battles have even taken place.
»But at the same time it was high time to close this story. I am excited to start something new. I look forward to having a blank agenda and to fill it in with new challenges. I am taking acting lessons again and in the meantime I am looking forward to an exciting project. »

– In the seventh season, Piper is no longer behind bars. She tries to pick up her life outside the prison again, but that is not going smoothly.
Schilling «I have spoken with various female ex-prisoners about their return to society. They told me how overwhelming it was to suddenly be free again. One of them was unable to leave her own bedroom for days: she only felt safe in a closed room. It is not because you are released that you are actually free. Piper has difficulty adjusting. But she also learned something from her time in prison: she finally stands up for herself. »

Piper married Alex at the end of the sixth season. But Piper is free and Alex is still stuck. Is there a bright future ahead of them?
Schilling «That’s the question the series asks in the last season: how strong can love be? I think Alex is the one for Piper, but does she feel that way? »