VIDEO: Short interview of Taylor Schilling for L’Officiel

Short interview of Taylor Schilling for L’Officiel



NEW interview and photoshoot of Taylor Schilling with ‘The Improper’

NEW interview and photoshoot of Taylor Schilling with ‘The Improper


Jonathan Soroff: Orange Is the New Black was one of the first Netflix series to really blow up. What do you attribute that to?

Taylor Schilling: I think that it was an intersection of factors. The way people were watching TV was changing, and our show provided stories that we were culturally very hungry for. Those two things colliding, I think, created something that really exploded.

Show you binge-watch? OK, that’s a tough question, because for the past two years, I haven’t been able to watch anything without falling asleep. I’ve been so tired for two years. But actually, there are two shows. The Fall, with Gillian Anderson, and then I just watched the documentary series about the religious group in Oregon that clashed with the locals, Wild Wild Country. I was really into that.

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NEW interview and photoshoot – Taylor Schilling on the cover of Vulkan Magazine

NEW interview and photoshoot – Taylor Schilling on the cover of Vulkan Magazine

“We just came back for season seven of OITNB,” Taylor tells us from her home in Brooklyn where she just wrapped a day of shooting. “We started filming August 6th and we generally finish in six months, so we should be done in February.” Having just returned to work after a well deserved break, she can easily be forgiven for still daydreaming about her time off. “To be honest, I’m kind of still in vacation mode. It’s always a shift to come back and film, but this season feels different because Piper is out of prison.”

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New pictures and interview of Taylor Schilling, Kate Mulgrew and Dascha Polanco with Windy City Times – Chicago press tour

Here’s a new picture of Taylor Schilling, Kate Mulgrew and Dascha Polanco with Jerry Nunn from Chicago’s Windy City Times


Windy City Times: Do viewers ever confuse you with your character on TV?

Dascha Polanco: They think I am my character and call me by her name. They don’t even know my real name.

Kate Mulgrew: Yes, lots of times. I get “Red” or “Captain Janeway” all the time. Make up your mind!

Taylor Schilling: I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. I don’t think they confuse me with my character. When they say “Piper,” I don’t think that they are concerned I just busted out of the prison gate.

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Laura Prepon talks about working with Taylor Schilling

Laura Prepon talks about working with Taylor Schilling and more

From THR

When did you find out that Piper was getting out of Litchfield?

I believe it was in the same conversation with Jenji about the wedding, halfway through the season, and I wasn’t surprised. She said we’re getting married because Piper is getting out and it’s something that you [Alex] know that she wants. But you kind of know these things are coming. You hear different things and when I’m directing, I know what I have to set up and what’s to come. I knew that Piper was going to get out at some point, and I assumed it was going to be the last episode.

How do you feel about her release in terms of where it can move the show? And do you think it pushes the endgame forward?

Well, the endgame is there. As of now, season seven is our last season. So, the endgame is clear. But the reason that it bums me out, obviously, is because I love working with Taylor. She and I love working together. We’ve been working together for six, seven years now and she’s a wonderful scene partner. We were just together the other day and she was saying, “This sucks. I’m out of prison. When am I going to do scenes with you!” (Laughs.)

Through the glass, in visitation?

Seriously! So, that’s a bummer. That’s obviously the main bummer, because I’ll miss her. But our writers are great, so they will always come up with something. These characters are so well-crafted, especially now. When you get to do a show for this long, you can really craft characters that are full, multidimensional people. And at this point, you’ve been with these women for six seasons, so our writers can just have so much fun playing with all these storylines.

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