New interview of Taylor Schilling with LRM Online

New interview of Taylor Schilling with LRM Online

From LRM

LRM: Why you are attracted to this project called The Prodigy?

Taylor Schilling: I was truly blown away by the ending. By the time I got to the third act of the film, I was just kind of in shock and awe. I felt like I wanted to be a part of it. I really was moved by the choices that Sarah made to protect her son.

LRM: Talk about relating to this character Sarah and showing empathy for a child.

Taylor Schilling: I think it’s a position that a lot of parents can relate to and feeling a great responsibility and a great weight to care for your child and to be their advocate. There is that limitless nature of that sort of love. Sarah is just not willing to give up on her son no matter what.

LRM: Can you talk about any of your future projects and could you comment on the last season of Orange Is The New Black?

Taylor Schilling: I have a couple of projects besides this movie that I’m excited that’s coming out. There is another movie called Family coming out in April that I’m really thrilled to share with everybody. Another film called The Public coming out shortly thereafter. Then the final season of Orange Is The New Black. I’m very much looking forward to continuing to shoot and share with everybody.

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‘Family’ review by The Crimson

 Here’s a review of ‘Family’ by The Crimson

From The Crimson

“Family” is an endearing, fun-to-watch, and occasionally cheesy story about the importance of family (as the name suggests) and work-life balance. Kate is successful in her career, evident in her position as senior vice president of her company, and does whatever it takes to get ahead of others and fulfill her ambitions, even if it means neglecting her personal life and throwing others under the bus. As a result, Kate’s coworkers dislike her, and her relationship with her brother and father are close to non-existent. Taylor Schilling puts on an excellent performance, perfectly encapsulating the socially awkward, unempathetic, and impassive Kate, with her constant blank stare and monotonous voice. One of the most noteworthy scenes occurs when, after what seems like minutes of heartfelt pleading from Kate’s brother asking her to take care of Maddie, Schilling bluntly and unemotionally replies “No.” However, Kate is somehow eventually persuaded off-screen and agrees to temporarily care for Maddie, which becomes the catalyst for the rest of a humorous plot.

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‘Family’ to be shown at the Boston Women’s Film Festival

‘Family’ to be shown at the Boston Women’s Film Festival on opening night – September 27

The premise of Laura Steinel’s debut film is familiar: closed-off character is forced to learn how to make connections with other people through awkward missteps and misunderstandings. But there are many surprises in the film thanks to a strong script, the performances of Taylor Schilling and newcomer Bryn Vale, and a stellar supporting cast – including Kate McKinnon playing an uptight, athleisure-wearing neighbor.

This terrific film celebrates everything that family means, from the complicated relationships you have with your blood relatives, to the family you choose who support you as you are, to the larger tribe that you belong to whether you know it or not.

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Videos of Taylor Schilling at the NYC Premiere of ‘Family’

Videos of Taylor Schilling at the NYC Premiere of ‘Family’