New interview of Taylor Schilling with Evening Standard


New photo and interview of Taylor Schilling with Evening Standard

From Evening Standard:

Declaring one’s principles is often quite easy; living them out, however, can be another challenge entirely, as Taylor Schilling is discovering. ‘Intellectually speaking, in line with my politics, I would always say: “The real me is who I am on the inside.”’ The actress shoots me an exaggerated eye roll, and makes a self-deprecating ‘blah blah blah’ motion with her right hand. ‘But that’s me talking the talk. I am finding it is so much harder to walk the walk. I am finding that I actually had a real attachment to being a certain size and shape, to being a thin person.’

Three weeks previously, the star of Orange is the New Black wrapped filming on Fam-i-ly, an independent comedy-drama in which she plays the emotionally stunted aunt of a 13-year-old niece. Schilling’s character, Kate, has ‘some food issues’, which required the actress, ordinarily Hollywood-issue-slim and yoga-toned, to gain 15 pounds (just over a stone). That wasn’t, she reports, the tricky bit. ‘Are you kidding me? I’m a 32-year-old woman. I just had a lot of dessert,’ she laughs. ‘It was, like, “Yes, I’ll have that. And that. And I’ll have an extra order of fries too, thank you.”’

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