Taylor Schilling talks about what winning a SAG Award means to her

Taylor Schilling talks about what winning a SAG Award means to her

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The words that you should “remember where you came from” could easily be the motto of the Screen Actors Guild Awards. While many of the winners are household names and living legacies, they all know too well what it feels like to audition to be Waiter Number Four (again).

That the SAG Awards have only grown in media scrutiny and prominence since their debut in 1995 has not gone unnoticed by the winners. Nor do they necessarily think this is a bad thing.

Taylor Schilling
Netflix’s “Orange Is the New Black” has won the TV comedy ensemble category every year since it became eligible in 2014. But star Schilling’s speech at the 2017 ceremony got a particularly strong reaction when she called out the then-newly elected commander in chief of the United States.
Her remarks were a response to President Trump’s executive order earlier in the week banning immigrants from certain countries from entering the U.S. (a ban that has since been struck down in courts). Schilling is part of the most ethnically and racially diverse casts on TV — and she says she needed to comment that night.

“This story that we’re telling through this show, collectively, would not be possible without refugees and immigrants,” she says now. “You can’t unbraid the show from the immigrant experience and it felt vital that, if we were going to be honored again, then we needed to acknowledge it.”

She says this win also resonated with her because she feels “the SAG Awards are the most meaningful of all the awards.” She thinks about the Theodore Roosevelt speech that claims that the person who truly counts isn’t the critic, but the “man who is actually in the arena.”

“We’re really all in the ring together,” she says. “To be acknowledged by somebody who truly understands the experience? I don’t know what could be more exciting than that.”


‘Everything you need to know about Piper Chapman’ article from Moviepilot

From Moviepilot

Piper Chapman, the real “gangsta” of Orange is the New Black and the blushing rose to Alex Vause’s bespectacled thorn, has spent the past four OITNB Seasons flying the flag for white privilege everywhere because, to quote the great woman herself, “bitches gots to learn.”


Meet Taylor Schilling, The Actress Who Plays Piper Chapman

Born in July 1984 in Massachusetts, Taylor Schilling became obsessed with the ’90s hospital drama ER as a child and decided to pursue a career acting, eventually entering the prestigious graduate program at NYU’s Tisch School before dropping out in her second year to start auditioning.

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Great article on Taylor Schilling #WomanCrushWednesday


From TV Guide: 

Watch out Swift; there’s another Taylor at the top of our woman crush list this week! In the spirit of#WomanCrushWednesday, today we’re celebrating Taylor Schilling. Best known for her role as female inmate Piper Chapman of the hugely popular Netflix series Orange is the New Black, this 31-year-old Bostonian beauty with a brain has sprung from relative obscurity, rocketing into the big leagues over the past few years, and scooping up a number of awards on the way. Here are just 6 reasons why we love her:

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1. She got her start in a Meryl Streep movie.

Schilling’s very first feature film role was in the 2007 Streep-led drama Dark Matter. The production may not have been a critical success, but could you ask for a better co-star than Queen Meryl for your first movie?

2. She flies the flag for positive LGBT representation.

Even though she’s been gradually transforming into a somewhat unlikeable ‘female Walter White’ figure as the seasons progress, as a bisexual woman at the forefront of a popularly loved show, Schilling’s character Piper in Orange is the New Black has contributed towards more positive, well-rounded representations of LGBT people in the mainstream media.

3. She’s fierce without makeup.

Like, really fierce. The nature of her OitNB character (being in prison and all) means that Taylor shoots the majority of her scenes barefaced. “I think it’s very liberating”, she told People magazine about going makeup free for the role; something that many actresses would never dream of. “It knocks away one level of artifice, and I think that is what I appreciate most about acting”, she explained.

4. She got to make out with Zac Efron.

Yup, in the 2012 romantic drama The Lucky One (which is based on a Nicholas Sparks novel, no less), Taylor plays the mysterious woman in a photograph whom a U.S. Marine falls in love with, and promptly tracks down to start a relationship with. Tay was ‘the lucky one’ indeed, as she got to enact plenty an intimate scene with the musclebound young Efron.

5. She’s hilarious.

If you’ve had the pleasure of watching raunchy comedy The Overnight, you’d know what we mean. Schilling shows her funny side in the film, in which she and Adam Scott play a couple whose seemingly innocent invitation to dinner with another couple (Jason Schwartzman and Judith Godrèche) turns into a night of swinging seduction and temptation…