Flashback Friday – Taylor Schilling’s interview with ‘Boston Common’ from 2014

Taylor Schilling’s interview with ‘Boston Common’ from back in 2014

From Boston Common

Taylor Schilling on Life Before ‘Orange is the New Black’

Golden Globe nominee and Boston native Taylor Schilling breaks out her prison coveralls for an even more suspenseful season of Orange is the New Black.

“The thing that is so exciting to me about this show is the arc that they’ve given Piper,” Schilling says. “She’s dancing really fast, trying to be who she thinks the world thinks she should be, but now she’s forced to look at what’s really happening inside of her.” That dance has been a thrill to watch, as Schilling believably two-steps from a wide-eyed ingénue to a come-hither seductress to a broken-down woman unleashing 13 episodes of rage on a born-again hillbilly.

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