New Tribeca Festival Portraits of Taylor Schilling for ‘Pantheon’

New Tribeca Festival Portraits of Taylor Schilling for ‘Pantheon’

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New interview of Taylor Schilling with ABC News

From ABC News

Theater of War Productions has previously used “Antigone” to explore police brutality, systemic oppression, gender-based violence and social justice. Now it is health care. Over the next year, “The Nurse Antigone” will be presented 12 times.

Schilling, star of “Orange Is the New Black” who will read the part of Ismene, Antigone’s sister, says each time she’s done one of the company’s readings, the experience is very intimate.

“The actors are just there to facilitate an experience for the audience and to jump start the discussion that happens afterwards,” she says. “We come in with the desire to have a shared experience and leave more connected to each 


“Nurses at the front lines often feel that their voices are not heard, that they’re not understood that they’re not appreciated for their contribution,” she says. “One of the consequences of our divided America is that nurses have become more and more the targets of people’s frustration at all different levels.”

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