New Taylor Schilling interview with ‘The Hollywood Reporter’

Here’s a new interview of Taylor Schilling with THR

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Below, THR spoke with the women who were left standing in the finale about what they think could happen when they return to set in July to film the sixth season.

Taylor Schilling – Piper Chapman

What was going through your head? “There’s nothing really off limits or formulaic to what we’re doing. [Before Poussey’s death and Wiley’s exit], we had this sense that we were sort of doing this on our own. There was a sense of invincibility. It really brought home that there’s an end to this. That there’s an end in sight and that things are changing.”

What was going through Piper’s head? “Everybody’s mortality was at stake. It was a real moment of reckoning. It’s an existential moment of: Why are we here, are we going to continue to be here and, if we’re going to continue to be here, what’s the price?”

What could happen next season? “It’s not looking good! Jenji talks about how her intention isn’t to be a politician or an activist, but to tell honest stories about individuals and that then the individual becomes universal. Then, in seeing yourself in someone you previously deemed as ‘other,’ it’s an inherently political act. By relating to something that you thought was apart from you. So I think that is, particularly now, really important.”

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Discussion Post: ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 5

Discussion Post – Orange Is The New Black – Season 5 

Have you binge watched season 5 of OITNB? Do you want to discuss it with other fellow inmates and don’t be reminded of ‘beware of spoilers’? Here’s your chance!

  •  How did you like the season overall?
  •  Was it a good idea to have a whole season for the riot only?
  •  What did you think that Piper was trying to not get too involved in the riot?
  •  What about the Piper/Alex storyline?
  •  Was Taystee right to end the negotiations?
  •  And what about the last shot? What did you think?

Let us know in the comments! 

Screencaps from new ‘Orange Is The New Black’ promo banner

Here are few screencaps of the Orange Is The New Black cast from a new promo banner on



New promo videos for ‘Orange Is The New Black’ season 5

Here are new videos for Orange Is The New Black Season 5

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New interview, stills and BTS pic of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 5

New interview, stills and BTS pic of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 5

Transcript (by us)

Season 4 was a turning point for Orange Is the New Black. For three seasons, Litchield Penitentiary had existed as its own little universe. Near the end of the fourth season, its world and ours collided with a painful jolt, as one inmate died in a way horribly and deliberately reminiscent of the killing of Eric Garner, a man whose death at the hands of police partly inspired the Black Lives Matter movement. By the end of the season sadness had turned to fury and the prison was embroiled in a full-scale riot.
As scenes for Season 5 are shot a t the series’ New York facility, that sense of chaos is still very evident. A shrine to the character who died – who we won’t name for those yet to be devastated – sits quietly amid the mess of rebellion. The riot is not over at the start of  Season 5. The riot is Season 5.
Picking up at the exact moment Season 4 left off, it will take place over just three days, nixing flashbacks that have become series signature.
“We’re experiencing the riot [mostly] in real time”, says Taylor Schilling (Piper). “So there’s less room for character development and more focus on the political [impact], within the prison and outside, of an inmate takeover…It’s very exciting.”
The effect on the cast is palpable. “It’s a thrill! It’s a razor’s edge!” says Kate Mulgrew (Red). “The roles have reversed and the commanding officers have been taken hostage [by the inmates]. There will be a lot of things you won’t expect.”
Politics, though, continues to be as integral as ever. Central to that is the jailing of people for profit. When the season was shot it was assumed Hillary Clinton would become President (Empire is on set two weeks before the election). She campaigned against prison privatisation; Trump took the opposite position. His victory, and the likelihood of increased privatisation, makes Orange’s portrait how wrong it can go even more timely. After a confident leap into real-world politics last season, the show is going deeper. The outside world has leaked into Litchfield, and once inside it’s very hard to break back out.


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