New Taylor Schilling interview with Glamour UK

New Taylor Schilling interview with Glamour UK

Taylor Schilling managed to turn orange into the new black thanks to her turn as Piper Chapman in the Netflix original comedy-drama.

And now, in a new pulsating and tense original film, The Titan, she attempts to save the world alongside the dreamy Sam Worthington.

Starring in a film set in a dystopian future, where the world has become uninhabitable due to global warming, may sound like a Sci-fi lover’s dream, but until filming commenced, Taylor wasn’t a fully-fledged futurist geek.

“I’m not big into it! I love it when I do watch Sci-fi films, but I have never even really followed stars that much, I’m getting into it now,” she said. No time like the present then, hun.

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Picture and quotes of Taylor Schilling in NEON magazine – Germany

Here’s a pic and few quotes of Taylor Schilling with German magazine ‘NEON’

Translation found on the internet:

 “Dating doesn’t change much, surprisingly, when your counterpart can google nude pics of you before your first date. I hope, nevertheless, that my dates don’t read too much about me on the internet before the date”

“I’m a tall woman, so men have to stand on apple crates while shooting to appear taller. I don’t want to go into detail but I’ve learned: Don’t adress it. We’ll both pretend it is not happening.”

“I don’t really drink alcohol, that’s just not me nor my lifestyle. I’m living a life without hangover”

“If you’re stuck and don’t see a way out: There is always one, I promise.”

“While working as a nanny I’ve learned two important things: Everybody wants to be heard. And nobody likes it to be excluded on the playground.”

” I cannot confirm the theory of falling in love with someone inevitably just because of kissing them many times. I’ve kissed Laura Prepon constantly over the last five years, because we play a couple on “Orange is the new black” but I’ve never fallen in love with her.”

“Try, under any circumstance, to look behind a persons face and not to jump to conclusions too fast. We have a lot in common, more than we think.”

” I want to absorb the news, not to be absorbed by them. It’s a balancing act staying mentally healthy and to be aware of the things happening to the world at the same time. The daily 15-minute podcast of the “New York Times” is a good way not to lose track.”

“Risk something in life. You have nothing to lose.”

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