New interview of Taylor Schilling with Daily Dead

Here’s a new interview of Taylor Schilling with ‘Daily Dead’

From Daily Dead

Daily Dead spoke with Schilling earlier this week about her first foray into horror, and the actress chatted about taking on the character of Sarah, collaborating with both McCarthy and Scott, and one of her favorite scenes from The Prodigy (which just so happened to be one of this writer’s favorites as well).

So great to speak with you today, Taylor. What I love about this story is that it goes to some very dark places, but also some very human places, which can be a tough line to walk. And I was curious, from your perspective, what was the biggest appeal coming into this film? Was it the character of Sarah, was it getting to work on this dynamic with the character of Miles? Was it just everything?

Taylor Schilling: I was really sold by the time we started working on the film and the places that Sarah goes to protect her son, or save him, or give him a shot, a chance at a normal life. And the intensity, the ferocity of her desire to protect is really what drew me. I was really shocked by the time I was finished reading the script, though, and I really liked that. But really, it was all about her. It was Sarah.

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