New interview of Taylor Schilling with Mercury + NEW still from ‘Orange Is The New Black’ season 7

New interview of Taylor Schilling with Mercury and new still from OITNB season 7


From Mercury

After seven years on Orange Is the New Black, Taylor Schilling’s Piper Chapman is adjusting to life on the outside. And she’s finding it more problematic than she’d imagined.

“The show changed all of our lives tremendously,” Schilling says. “It’s so wild to look back on these last seven years. I’ve done some movies [Take Me, The Titan] and plays in between the seasons, but to have this be definitely over is such a ripe moment to move forward in different ways.”
With so much riding on the finale of such a popular show, Schilling is confident its end features suitably high-quality writing, given its past six Writers Guild nominations and a Primetime Emmy nod for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series. “When I read the last script, I just felt such intense gratitude that it was so good,” she says, breathing a sigh of relief. “I was so happy that it was so good. I was reading it and just being like, ‘Oh my God!’ So happy. I love the finale which I feel is powerful for Piper and I feel like it’s some of the more interesting work that Piper has done, that I have done, on that show for a while.”

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New interview of Taylor Schilling with EW + new still from ‘Orange Is The New Black Season 7

New interview of Taylor Schilling with EW + new still from ‘Orange Is The New Black Season 7

From EW

Jenji Kohan’s groundbreaking dramedy Orange Is the New Black began with Piper Chapman’s (Taylor Schilling) imprisonment, and its seventh — and final — season finds her readjusting to life on the outside.

“She’s beginning to navigate what it’s like to live in the civilian world again, and learning that freedom doesn’t come immediately when she steps outside of prison,” Schilling tells EW. “She becomes a little bit bolder expressing what she wants rather than trying to fit in and make it about other people.”

One of the challenges Piper faces in the new season is being separated from Alex (Laura Prepon), whom she married at the end of season 6 before her release. “That’s really what gets dealt with in the season. I think that ends up being what is explored most,” says Schilling. “Piper really realizes that Alex is fundamentally a part of her journey. That’s the choice that Piper is making, that Alex’s love is very important to her.”

As the Netflix series reaches the end of its sentence, Schilling hopes season 7 helps “people feel seen, and that there’s a reflection in the series of what has been happening to the cultural collective.”

New interview of Taylor Schilling with ‘Chicks in the Office’

Here’s a new interview of Taylor Schilling with ‘Chicks in the Office’

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New interview of Taylor Schilling with Boston Herald

New interview of Taylor Schilling with Boston Herald

From Boston Herald

“I was taken with Laura’s vision and this female character that was unlike any I’d experienced before,” Schilling, 34, said. “Yes, people see Kate coming and they certainly do run — and that is something that I loved about her.

“We weren’t interested in making her likable, it was just being honest.”

About what exactly?

“About a woman who is not valuing domesticity in the way we culturally expect,” Schilling answered.  “She’s basing her worth on accomplishment and not apologizing for it. It doesn’t make her particularly likable but relatable.”

Kate may be a contemporary cutthroat but isn’t she a type that goes back to Dickens’ Scrooge, the self-centered, arrogant cynic who is nevertheless changed in a positive way?

“I know Laura was inspired by ‘Bad Santa.’ She loves that character and was interested in creating a female that was just as brash.”

Schilling found that Kate, who is particularly memorable in her nasty face-offs with Kate McKinnon’s pushy neighbor Jill, was not easy to forget once the film finished.

“She was very intense, it was kind of uncomfortable and it took a little bit of time to get rid of her.”

Now that Schilling has finished filming the final season for “Orange,” she is ready to move on.

“I think it’s time,” she said as she now looks “for the right thing. It’s an exciting time. I trust whatever life has to offer, I’m always open to whatever comes next.

“I love having a day that’s unplanned, being able to spend time with friends or read or go out and explore nature with my dog.”

(“Family” opens Friday.)

New interview of Taylor Schilling with The Oprah Magazine

New interview of Taylor Schilling with The Oprah Magazine

From Oprah Magazine

It’s Taylor Schilling’s goal to give unsung heroes a voice.

She’s done just that in her portrayal of the queer and rather unlucky prison inmate Piper Chapman on Netflix’s Emmy award-winning show, Orange Is the New Black, which comes to an end later this year. And it’s what she’s hoping to do with Family, her latest dark comedy released April 19.

“The stories that speak to me the most always celebrate otherness and create a human narrative around characters we otherwise find on the margins, bringing them closer to home and making the unacceptable more acceptable,” Schilling tells “That journey is what’s exciting at this point in my life—bridging the gap between us and them, even in small ways.”

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New interview of Taylor Schilling with Newsweek

Here’s a new interview of Taylor Schilling with Newsweek


From Newsweek

For Schilling, one of the things she loved about the movie was that it shows there’s a group for everyone. “We have our family of origin and we have our chosen family. And something that I love about the movie is that it really seems to make the case that wherever you are or whoever you are, there is a community that will accept you exactly the way that you are… regardless of where you come from,” she told Newsweek.

One of Schilling’s favorite scenes in the film is when Kate and Maddie meet up at the gathering of the Juggalos, which is a festival for fans of the group the Insane Clown Posse. “Kate is really able to level with Maddie and says, ‘Nobody is perfect… nobody has it all together,’” she said.

Though the Orange is the New Black star hadn’t listened to ICP before, she referred to them as “awesome” and said filming with them was an “adventure.” “They are terrific musicians. They have sold a lot of records and impacted a lot of people’s lives,” she said. “They’re very kind.”

Though she’s moved on from OITNB, landing the role of Piper Chapman has changed her life. “I’ve been so honored to work on the show and meeting the women that I’ve met–those relationships have really changed my life. I’ve just expanded; I’ve expanded my reach, hugely. Orange has changed my life,” she said. “[The show] was kind of revolutionary in that it made room for a lot of different people to feel seen and have their voices heard.”

Laura Steinel talks about working with Taylor Schilling

Laura Steinel talks about working with Taylor Schilling

From Glides Magazine:

So you staged the scene at the Gathering but did you use actual Juggalos? Was there a Juggalo casting call?

Yes! What we did was—because we had Taylor [Schilling], and you can’t bring Taylor to the actual Gathering of the Juggalos; the insurance on that would be impossible [laughs]—we staged a mini-Gathering in Atlanta and the Juggalos in the area actually drove themselves there to be extras and to participate in the movie. They were so great. They slept over and it was cold and they camped outside. I was so grateful, and the only thing I could do was just buy them pizzas. They were just so wonderful. They really helped out.

We didn’t have too many people that could come. We only had about a hundred local Juggalos, so that scene I knew we would also going to have to go the real Gathering. There’s no way to replication the actual Gathering. It’s complete chaos. It’s something to see. I definitely knew that I wanted to capture that for the movie.

I’m glad you brought up Taylor. Was this a conceptually difficult sell for her?

No. She was so game, right away. She read the script and was the first person on board. She just sent me a very adamant message [saying], ‘I wanna do this.’ I was so grateful because we really needed an actress that was gonna attack the role and not be fragile about it. She brought her A-game, and it was incredible.

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