Screencaps of Taylor Schilling in the new ‘Family’ trailer

Screencaps of Taylor Schilling in the new ‘Family’ trailer

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‘Family’ review by The Crimson

 Here’s a review of ‘Family’ by The Crimson

From The Crimson

“Family” is an endearing, fun-to-watch, and occasionally cheesy story about the importance of family (as the name suggests) and work-life balance. Kate is successful in her career, evident in her position as senior vice president of her company, and does whatever it takes to get ahead of others and fulfill her ambitions, even if it means neglecting her personal life and throwing others under the bus. As a result, Kate’s coworkers dislike her, and her relationship with her brother and father are close to non-existent. Taylor Schilling puts on an excellent performance, perfectly encapsulating the socially awkward, unempathetic, and impassive Kate, with her constant blank stare and monotonous voice. One of the most noteworthy scenes occurs when, after what seems like minutes of heartfelt pleading from Kate’s brother asking her to take care of Maddie, Schilling bluntly and unemotionally replies “No.” However, Kate is somehow eventually persuaded off-screen and agrees to temporarily care for Maddie, which becomes the catalyst for the rest of a humorous plot.

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‘Family’ to be shown at the Boston Women’s Film Festival

‘Family’ to be shown at the Boston Women’s Film Festival on opening night – September 27

The premise of Laura Steinel’s debut film is familiar: closed-off character is forced to learn how to make connections with other people through awkward missteps and misunderstandings. But there are many surprises in the film thanks to a strong script, the performances of Taylor Schilling and newcomer Bryn Vale, and a stellar supporting cast – including Kate McKinnon playing an uptight, athleisure-wearing neighbor.

This terrific film celebrates everything that family means, from the complicated relationships you have with your blood relatives, to the family you choose who support you as you are, to the larger tribe that you belong to whether you know it or not.

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‘Fam-I-Ly’ premiere at the Gathering of the Juggalos

Amazing news! ‘Fam-I-Ly’ to be featured at the Gathering of the Juggalos!

From ICP Facebook Page 

Whoopstock bombs continue to drop! Ninjas and ninjettes we are SO hype about this. Roll out the red carpet, because we about to host a DOPE movie premiere! For the first time ever, GOTJ proudly presents the Juggalo World Premiere of the full-length comedy feature film FAMILY, with Insane Clown Posse, superfine superstar actress Taylor Schilling, cast members from Orange Is the New Black, and cameos from MAD Juggalo homies! HOLY SHIT! ICP is starring in a new movie, and it’s droppin at GOTJ! Our homie and super ninjette Laura Steinel wrote and directed this hilarious, as yet UNRELEASED film reppin for the Fam and of course the Juggalettes! The best part is? We’ll be some of the VERY FIRST to witness this rare gem on the silver screen as Laura and the cast bring it home to our FAM-I-LY!!!!

The ‘Family’ premiere is going to be on July 18th

Juggalo Gathering

‘Fam-I-Ly’ World Premiere at SXSW – reviews and reactions

‘Fam-I-Ly’ World Premiere at SXSW – reviews and reactions


We Live Entertainment

Writer/ director Laura Steinel gives a powerful and hilariously heartfelt first feature. The casting could not have been more perfect. I never knew that Taylor Schilling could be so funny. The script is funny but gets to the heart of a family, whether biological or otherwise. The lines of dialogue are both quick-witted and hysterical.

Laura Steinel, after this first feature, is destined to make more great films. Her writing is spectacular on every level, and she treats her characters with love, and they come across genuine. She has a voice and a sense of humor that shines through the script and announces that female writers and filmmakers are the future of comedy. Taylor Schilling gives her finest performance to date alongside the fantastic performance by a young actress, Bryn Vale. Family is hilariously funny reminding us that it is okay just to be yourself.

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