VIDEO: New interview of Taylor Schilling with Rolling Stone

Here’s a new interview of Taylor Schilling with Rolling Stone

From Rolling Stone

Orange Is the New Black actress Taylor Schilling appeared on Rolling Stone‘s The First Time to discuss her starring role in an episode of Monsterland, a new horror anthology series from Annapurna that premiered on Hulu earlier this month.

“I was really interested in the way the script externalized the more monstrous parts of ourselves into scary monsters outside of ourselves,” Schilling said. “I thought that was really fun, and a great way to get some distance from what’s happening in our internal landscape to talk about it in a narrative form. As a construct, it’s a fun way to give enough distance from our internal world in order to talk about them.”

Schilling also talked about her first experiences with being recognized by a fan in public, meeting a personal idol, quitting a job, and voting in a U.S. election.

“I was a college student in New York City,” she recalled. “It was Obama in 2008, and I felt so enlivened by his message. It was the first time I was really in a community of people my own age, like-minded college students, and everyone with a burgeoning sense of their own politics. It was a thrilling moment in time.”

27 Questions with Taylor Schilling

From Air Mail

As Piper Chapman, the likable party girl turned street-savvy prisoner in the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black, Taylor Schilling has brought the complexities of incarceration to the forefront of the cultural conversation. Ever since the show’s debut, in 2013, Schilling’s talents have been in high demand, and she has dabbled in everything from sex comedies (The Overnight, alongside Adam Scott) to dystopian science fiction (The Titan). Now, Schilling plays a bipolar woman who is slowly losing control of herself in “Plainfield, Illinois,” an episode of Monsterland, a new psychological thriller that’s streaming on Hulu. —Ashley Baker

AIRPORT: A memory …
BAG: My pockets.
BEDTIME: A constant negotiation.
BREAKFAST, WEEKDAY: Steel-cut oats with walnuts and blueberries.
DATE: Medjool.
DIET: Anti.
DISGUISE: I can’t tell you.
DRIVE: The one that heads home.
ENEMY: White supremacy.
ESCAPE: The ocean.

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