PRINT: New interview of Taylor Schilling with GALA

Here’s a new interview of Taylor Schilling with GALA


GALA: Taylor, what were your first thoughts when you read the series’ script?
Taylor Schilling: My first thought was, “I hope I can be there!” I liked the story very much. And then I was shocked. I didn’t know the tape was stolen from Pamela and Tommy’s house. Everyone thought at the time she was making money from it, but she was just a victim of a violent crime. I was really impressed with Pamela Anderson and the dignity with which she has progressed. She has behaved bravely her whole life. I wondered what I would have done if it had been me.

You play Erica Gauthier in the seriesthe wife of the man who released Pamela and Tommy’s sex tape. How did you prepare for the role?
Erica is an adult film actress. So pretty much all I could find about her online was dozens of adult movies. It helped that her character was portrayed very clearly in the script. I knew immediately what role she would play in the series and what her destiny is.

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You seem very confident and in 2020 you went public with your relationship with Emily Ritz – would you say you found yourself and know who you are?
Coming out was so interesting. I didn’t realize it was a big deal. I was just in love and really happy to share it. But there were also areas in my life that I didn’t understand for a long time and where I had to struggle. I believe the older I get the more I am able to accept myself. And then I also feel connected to myself. This is sometimes very difficult, but also liberating and wonderful.

The series “Pam & Tommy” is very open about sex and nudity. Do you think that should be a matter of course in society?
I think it should be important that we can make self-determined decisions about it. I play a woman on the show who made a conscious decision to be an adult film actress. Erica enjoys and is excited about being a porn actress. Pamela, on the other hand, had no choice and could not decide. The film was released just like that. My hope is that we can express our own truth without being judged. Our truths will always be different, but as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, we should be allowed to make up our own minds.

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