PRINT: Taylor Schilling interview with Newsweek

Here’s an interview of Taylor Schilling with Newsweek

From Newsweek

Speaking to Newsweek, Schilling shared she saw her character, Erica, as a “counterpart to Pam.”

She explained: “Erica is a woman who’s made the decision to be an adult actress and has done so with agency and is in charge of her own life. And in that way, she’s really able to illustrate for Rand why what Pam and Tommy did is not pornography. And I think in that way, she’s sort of almost an ally for Pam. And she’s a really vital, vital force in this story overall.”

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Schilling continued: “I hope that there’s an understanding that Pamela Anderson was the victim of a crime and the tape came about as a result of criminal activity. That’s why it came into the public consciousness. She did not offer her consent for us to see it and she never made any money off of it. I mean, I had no idea, and I imagine other people have a similar experience.”


Schilling teased: “I think Erica really loves Rand and Rand really, really loves Erica and for that reason, he is able to listen to her.”

“They were deeply in love. They were married, they worked together, Erica brought Rand into her industry for a bit and by all accounts, Erica was deeply in love with Rand, but he kind of couldn’t get his behavior together, and so they separated. But I think that they both had a lot of love for each other, a lot of love and a lot of longing.

She added: “I just loved working with Seth. He’s just he’s so funny. He’s such a funny funny, smart guy, but also just so generous and really, I had so much fun working with him.”

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