Taylor Schilling talks ‘Pam & Tommy’ with Radio Times

Here’s a new interview of Taylor Schilling with Radio Times

From Radio Times

Meanwhile, co-star Taylor Schilling (Orange is the New Black), who plays Gauthier’s ex-wife Erica Boyer, added that she hopes Anderson will come around to the series given the sympathetic lens through which it views her.

“I really hope that she can feel the love that this show has for her because it’s so deep, and I hope that there’s a rethinking of the narrative that popular culture created around her and this tape,” she told RadioTimes.com.

“And I mean, in an ideal world, it might even be sort of healing… I think it’s really an ode to her bravery, her courage even, that this could happen and she kept going. I mean, I can’t really imagine that.”

Schilling added: “She kept moving forward even as she had no real way to express herself. She was alone with what happened and everyone was making all these judgments, but she kept going. And I mean, it’s heroic to see that.”

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