Taylor Schilling talks ‘Pam & Tommy’ with Radio Times

Here’s a new interview of Taylor Schilling with Radio Times

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Meanwhile, co-star Taylor Schilling (Orange is the New Black), who plays Gauthier’s ex-wife Erica Boyer, added that she hopes Anderson will come around to the series given the sympathetic lens through which it views her.

“I really hope that she can feel the love that this show has for her because it’s so deep, and I hope that there’s a rethinking of the narrative that popular culture created around her and this tape,” she told RadioTimes.com.

“And I mean, in an ideal world, it might even be sort of healing… I think it’s really an ode to her bravery, her courage even, that this could happen and she kept going. I mean, I can’t really imagine that.”

Schilling added: “She kept moving forward even as she had no real way to express herself. She was alone with what happened and everyone was making all these judgments, but she kept going. And I mean, it’s heroic to see that.”

VIDEO: New interview of Taylor Schilling with TV Guide

New interview of Taylor Schilling with TV Guide

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Taylor Schilling who plays adult entertainer Erica Gauthier in the series, feels similarly. “I still think that oftentimes the last word in the narrative ends up not in the woman’s control,” Schilling said. In Pam & Tommy, Erica has separated from her husband Rand Gauthier (Seth Rogan) — the contractor who stole the sex tape and distributed its contents online. Erica is a porn star, and Schilling said that the character being in the story highlights a contrast in agency. “[Erica’s] a sex worker that’s made the choice to be doing what she’s doing and it’s a really important counterpoint to Pam’s experience,” Schilling said. “Pam hasn’t made the decision to share her body or to share herself in the way that the tape shared her.”

Schilling added that one of her favorite scenes is when Erica confronts Rand about his act. “She’s able to say, this is not porn, what you just put out into the world. This is a crime,” Schilling said. “This is rape of her space.” In this way, the actor views Erica as one of Anderson’s strongest advocates.

Unfortunately in the series, as with real life, Anderson did not have many advocates at the time of the scandal. “I hope that this show is really an ode to Pam Anderson’s extraordinary courage in the face of such massive exploitation on every level,” Schilling said.

Short interview of Taylor Schilling for Independent Ireland

Short interview of Taylor Schilling for Independent Ireland

From Independent Ireland

Actress Taylor Schilling, who plays Rogen’s onscreen wife Erica Gauthier, said the series “changes the perspective” on the sensationalised event, which had now become a “universal” experience.

“They were victims of a crime and the collective was complicit by making fun of them and continuing to exploit them,” she said.

“This show, it changes the perspective.

“One thing that is particularly interesting is that now as opposed to the mid-90s almost everyone because of social media can have the experience of feeling exploited or like they’re oversharing or being unfairly judged or misunderstood.

“Who would have thought that that experience that was once reserved for people in the public eye … would become universal.

“Anybody can have that experience. Even if it’s a friend sharing a picture you didn’t consent to, any micro-version of this sort of thing happening.”