Taylor Schilling part of ‘Theater of War Frontline: Michigan’ on June 30

Taylor Schilling part of ‘Theater of War Frontline: Michigan’ on June 30

From Theater of War

Theater of War for Frontline presents dramatic readings by acclaimed actors of scenes from ancient Greek plays to help nurses, doctors, first responders, and other health care professionals, along with concerned citizens and those impacted by COVID-19, engage in healing, constructive discussions about the unique challenges and stressors of the COVID-19 pandemic. This free online event is being hosted by Michigan Health & Hospital Association and Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Care Network of Michigan. We are proud to open this event up to public, to bring the broader community impacted by COVID-19 and concerned citizens into dialogue with frontline medical professionals.

Featuring performances by Taylor Schilling, Bill Camp, David Strathairn, and Nyasha Hatendi.

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Taylor Schilling at the ‘Treaty People Gathering’ in Northern Minnesota

Taylor Schilling at the ‘Treaty People Gathering’ in Northern Minnesota

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Taylor Schilling joins Jane Fonda for ‘Treaty People Gathering’ in Norther Minnesota – June 7

Taylor Schilling joins Jane Fonda in ‘Treaty People Gathering’ in Northern Minnesota to protest water pollution 

UPDATE: From Jane’s Instagram

Next Monday, June 7th I’ll be returning to the frontlines of the fight to #StopLine3. This time I’ll be bringing @rosannaarquette @tayjschilling and #CatherineKeenerwith me to stand in solidarity with the water protectors and tell the world that the days of tar sands pipelines are over. We will not stand by and watch a fossil fuel corporation line its pockets as so much is destroyed, producing oil we don’t need. Please join us! Link in bio to learn more.


From Jane Fonda Site

Jane Fonda: Me and my friends Catherine Keener, Rosanna Arquette, Taylor Schilling, Barbara Williams and her son Liam Hayden are all going to join the big Treaty People Gathering in Northern Minnesota to protest the Enbridge Line 3 which threatens to bring tar sands oil from Canada into Minnesota under 200 bodies of pristine water. Please visit https://treatypeoplegathering.com for information on how to participate in person or from afar. You can also help by forwarding the information to your own networks of family and friends and on social media. #StopLine3


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