Few quotes of Taylor Schilling talking about Monsterland with IndieWire

Few quotes of Taylor Schilling talking about Monsterland with IndieWire

From Indiewire

“Monsterland,” for nearly all the cast and crew, was an opportunity to plumb the depths of the genre from a feminine horror perspective. Both writer Emily Kaczmarek and star Taylor Schilling found the genre to lend itself particularly well to the female experience. “The uncertainty is sacred,” Schilling said. “And the ability to make room for that feels inherently feminine.” From there it became a possibility to look at other areas of human existence. In the episode “Plainfield, IL,” written by Kaczmarek, it was an opportunity to adapt a story from Ballingrud’s book, focused on a heterosexual couple, and transform it into a heartbreaking queer love story about the challenges of mental illness.

It’s a story that Kaczmarek was heavily overwhelmed by upon reading it. “I felt very connected. It hit me in a personal way,” she said. Since Kaczmarek and Laws both identify as queer, the episode was a great opportunity to create characters they identified with — while not making it a big deal. On top of that, they were able to layer the horror onto the characters, using identifiable examples of monstrosity to focus on a series topic. “A lot of codependency exists around the notion of losing oneself inside of another,” Schilling said, who stars in the episode. “I love to see that story explored of people being suffocated by love.”

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