Taylor Schilling praises Marlee Grace’s book ‘Getting To Center’

Taylor Schilling praises Marlee Grace’s book ‘Getting To Center’


Marlee Grace 

“My copy of this book is dog-eared, tea stained, and annotated beyond recognition. Getting to Center is like a long late night conversation with your best friend that reminds you of your own radiant messy perfection. This book will open you to knowing and loving yourself in ways that previously felt impossible. I’m jealous you get to take this ride with Marlee Grace for the first time.” Taylor Schilling, actor

Taylor Schilling part of ‘Rocky Horror’ Halloween Event for Wisconsin Democrats

Taylor Schilling part of ‘Rocky Horror’ Halloween Event for Wisconsin Democrats

From The Hollywood Reporter:

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin has booked a high-profile guest for its Halloween fundraiser: Frank N. Furter.Scheduled for Oct. 31 at 9 p.m. CST, Wisconsin Dems will be hosting the Rocky Horror Show Livestream in honor of the 1975 cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It’s described as a musical event with appearances from original castmembers Tim Curry, Barry Bostwick and Nell Campbell, along with Wilmer Valderrama, Lance Bass, Rosario Dawson, Jason George, Seth Green, Jason Alexander, David Arquette and Taylor Schilling.

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NEW PROJECT: Taylor Schilling to star in ‘The Second Wave’

NEW PROJECT: Taylor Schilling to star in ‘The Second Wave’

From Deadline

Spectrum Originals has given a straight-to-series order to The Second Wave, a six-episode pandemic-themed drama from The Good Fight and Evil creators Robert & Michelle King. It is headlined by The Good Fight co-star Audra McDonald, Orange Is the New Black alumna Taylor Schilling and Steven Pasquale (The Comey Rule). The series is co-produced by Spectrum Originals and CBS Studios where the Kings are based.

Created and written by Robert and Michelle King, The Second Wave follows an unexpected, deadly second wave of the coronavirus outbreak in New York City. It follows the lives of two neighbors, Rachel (McDonald) and Lily (Schilling), as they navigate life in quarantine in New York City. While Rachel juggles her many telemedicine clients as well as a shaky, passionless marriage, Lily is upstairs just trying to convince her Wall Street clientele that her very specific skillset is still just as valuable over video as it was in person. When an unexpected, deadly second wave of the virus arrives, we follow these two women as they face unprecedented times while still juggling their careers, their loved ones… and possibly…the end of the world?

Filming is tentatively slated to begin next week and continue through about Dec. 23. In a quick turnaround, the iplan is for The Second Wave to debut on Spectrum On Demand later this year.

Schilling earned two Golden Globe and one Emmy nominations for her role as Piper Chapman in the Netflix series Orange is the New Black, which ran for seven seasons. She can currently be seen in the Hulu anthology series Monsterland and will soon be heard as the lead in new AMC animated drama series Pantheon. Schilling is repped by Gersh, Untitled Entertainment and attorney Rick Genow.

New interview of Taylor Schilling and Mary Laws with Showbizjunkies

New interview of Taylor Schilling and Mary Laws with Showbizjunkies 

From Showbizjunkies:

Emmy nominee Taylor Schilling (Orange Is the New Black) leads the cast of season one episode five, “Plainfield, Illinois.” The episode explores the relationship of a couple, played by Schilling and Roberta Colindrez, as they push the boundaries between life and death. Schilling joined Monsterland showrunner and executive producer Mary Laws for a virtual roundtable discussion during New York Comic Con to discuss the source material and Schilling’s riveting (and disturbing) episode.

What type of research did you do to better understand what your character was dealing with, both in terms of having bipolar disorder and also turning into a zombie?

Taylor Schilling: “I think that I had many moments where I felt like I was experiencing my life as a horror film. And it feels that way and it feels that heightened. I think a lot of times it’s just when a script is very well written and feels very emotionally solvent, logical, it’s really just a little bit of detective work to figure out, to connect the dots from what’s happening there to what’s happening other places.

This piece made a hell of a lot more sense to me than other more seemingly simple things I’ve done.”

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New interview of Taylor Schilling and Mary Laws with ‘Fade To Her’ – NYCC

From Fade to her

Taylor Schilling is known for her role as Piper Chapman on the Netflix original comedy-drama series “Orange Is the New Black,” for which she received a nomination for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series and two Golden Globe Award nominations for Best Actress – Television Series Musical or Comedy and Best Actress – Television Series Drama. She made her film debut in the 2007 drama “Dark Matter” by Chen Shi-zheng. Schilling also starred the NBC medical drama “Mercy.” Her other films include Paul Johansson’s “Atlas Shrugged: Part I,” “The Lucky One” by Scott Hicks, “Take Me” by Pat Healy and Lennart Ruff’s “The Titan.”

How did you join this project?

Mary Laws: I was extremely inspired by Nathan Bullingrud’s book, which this series is partially based on. I absolutely loved how human the stories in his book were and how they grappled with really broken people in a genre space which I thought was very unique to the horror genre; it wasn’t a sort of jump scares and cheap thrills type of horror. It was really about the human experience and I thought that that was a ground for exploring a lot of really right material.

Taylor Schilling: On a similar level, I felt really intrigued by the notion of externalizing inner demons into external demons. I liked the idea of making physical the monsters we feel inside and that, for me, was very compelling.

In Taylor’s episode, you have dead makeup. Mary, can you talk about the different stages of the makeup and what you decided to do? And Taylor, can you talk about having it applied?

M.L.: It was really interesting. I’ve never done anything like this, which was fun in and out of itself, just thinking: “Here’s an episode of a show where I can go and pretend.” I did a movie once where this actor was in a chair for hours and I was like: “That would be really interesting, kind of fun” and that was actually a draw.

T.S.: I had a panic attack when they started to put it on my face at the end. So that woman at the very end of that episode when the character has gone full zombie mode isn’t me. They had a really good guy, who I had seen around New York a lot, doing visual effects and I started at the very beginning, asking if we could expand the nose holes and he was just like: “I’ll walk you down to the P.A.” and was like: “She’s going to tap out! We’ve got to tap her out! We’ve got to get the stand-in here.” So, they did; they brought her in and took it off my face and edited into it. I think he’d had enough experience to know that my kind was going to have a panic attack. I learned a lot for my career moving forward. I know my limits thanks to Monsterland!

M.L.: You’re welcome! We worked with KNB who are pretty famous for doing The Walking Dead, but they’re absolutely fantastic monster creators and Jake Garber was our on-set monster-maker and I have to give some props and credit to our A.D. team also because there were so many different phases of Taylor’s incredible makeup. It was just an epic process to know at what phase we were because we obviously shot out of order. But it was definitely really extensive and every layer was a little bit more decayed than the one right before.

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VIDEO: New interview of Taylor Schilling with Rolling Stone

Here’s a new interview of Taylor Schilling with Rolling Stone

From Rolling Stone

Orange Is the New Black actress Taylor Schilling appeared on Rolling Stone‘s The First Time to discuss her starring role in an episode of Monsterland, a new horror anthology series from Annapurna that premiered on Hulu earlier this month.

“I was really interested in the way the script externalized the more monstrous parts of ourselves into scary monsters outside of ourselves,” Schilling said. “I thought that was really fun, and a great way to get some distance from what’s happening in our internal landscape to talk about it in a narrative form. As a construct, it’s a fun way to give enough distance from our internal world in order to talk about them.”

Schilling also talked about her first experiences with being recognized by a fan in public, meeting a personal idol, quitting a job, and voting in a U.S. election.

“I was a college student in New York City,” she recalled. “It was Obama in 2008, and I felt so enlivened by his message. It was the first time I was really in a community of people my own age, like-minded college students, and everyone with a burgeoning sense of their own politics. It was a thrilling moment in time.”