VIDEO: New interview of Taylor Schilling with KFC Radio

Here’s a new interview of Taylor Schilling with KFC Radio 

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starts around 01:35:00

Taylor Schilling returns to the show! We discuss her new anthology show Monsterland and what the scariest type of horror is. We also talk what Taylor wanted to be growing up, her strangest jobs as an actor, play Answer the Internet, and much more

Emily Ritz talks working with Taylor Schilling on her new music video

Emily Ritz talks working with Taylor Schilling on her new music video I’m In Love

From American Songwriter

With Schilling behind the camera, their creative dynamic was unsurprisingly natural and free-flowing. “We have very similar values and visions, creatively, so there was a lot of room for trusting and letting things flow. She was most familiar with the landscape and became my guide. As I followed her through the wilderness, I kept getting blasted with ideas and images of what shots I wanted,” Ritz recalls. “Taylor was often thinking the same thing as me, and it was so fun to talk about our concepts and ideas and also to just be experimental and try things out for fun.”

“By the time we started shooting, it was just a matter of getting to the locations real early for the magical fog and morning light. I learned to trust that what she was filming looked good since there was no monitor, and I was often so far away from her,” she continues. “I knew I wanted lots of zooms and a home movie and voyeuristic feel. We developed a system of agreeing on the shots and then kind of signaling each other from afar. It was really magical.

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New clip of Taylor Schilling in ‘Monsterland’

Here’s the first clip of Taylor Schilling in Monsterland