DISCUSSION POST: ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 7

Have you already binge watched the last season of OITNB? Do you want to discuss it with other fellow inmates and don’t be reminded of ‘beware of spoilers’? Here’s your chance!

  • What do you think of the last season?
  • How did you like Piper’s storyline in the last season?
  • What’s your favorite Piper scene?
  • What about the other characters? Were you rooting for Tiffany? Suzanne and the chickens?

Feel free to talk about anything!


9 thoughts on “DISCUSSION POST: ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 7

  1. Amei o Orange!!!! Sou brasileira….e , com pressa, ainda não digitei em inglês, mas logo o farei. É um lindo filme em termos sociais e psicológicos. Sou psicóloga e muito me interesso por assuntos como esse….
    Assim que puder entro em contato por esse site.

  2. first, i am so glad to see my favorite couple Piper & Alex getting their happy ending and that Vauseman is endgame! 🎉

    although… i would have wanted to see Alex finally come out of the prison gates, with Piper waiting for her and they finally hug and kiss. or they could have snuck a quick hug/kiss at visitation!

    they didn’t have any physical touches, besides a tiny flashback in ep1 and a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it in the last episode. it somewhat left an unsatisfying aftertaste, that the show didnt take advantage of Taylor & Laura’s awesome chemistry (we had to see them intimate with others 😩).

    one of the memorable scene was the phone call Piper had with Alex, they were talking about the fortune cookies messages, so cheesy and so adorable!

    and also the way Piper was sitting/lying down on the round swing chair thing. Taylor is just too gorgeous.

    and i can’t say this enough that Piper Chapman will always be that special character that i love, Taylor Schilling is such a brilliant and phenomenal actress!

    • I completely agree with you; Taylor is an amazing actress and she and Laura have such awesome chemistry and it shows that they are really good friends. I was kinda happy we didn’t get a too happy ending as in Alex being released out of prison, this ending felt more realistic. But yes, it would be nice to see them hug each other at least.

  3. I really think that in this season Jenji tried to show the real part of being an ex-convict, but I felt a little disappointed with some aspects. For example, I believed that after the marriage between Alex and Piper they’ll be more confident and happy, but they only cheated their love. I can understand the loneliness, but It’s not a reason to hurt the true love.

    I wanted to see more flashbacks about Vauseman, or maybe some scenes with both living in a distant island and enjoying her life. I hated the scene between Piper and Zelda because she had money and power like our Alex at the beginning, I’m sorry but I don’t believe that part.

    I loved all the scenes about Nicky and Red. It was heartbroken. First of all, Nicky found a woman that loves her, she learned to receive not only to give. After, she had to let it be to Lorna and Red, but the best part was that she could take control of the kitchen and she didn’t need drugs to do that.

    I loved to see the rest of the band on the Prision of Ohio. But I insist we needed more Vauseman…….

    • i think that the show set up this Zelda character perfectly for Piper, that she is someone that the old Piper would have been attracted to. i’m actually impressed Piper was able to resist and reject the temptations of the kind of life that Zelda was able to give her, for as long as until she found out that Alex lied that is. previously she hooked up with Stella too fast. so it was good to see the new Piper wanting to stay committed to Alex, it all made sense. and i really like Piper in season 7.

      i wanted more flashbacks! i would have loved to see the flashback of them taking photos with the parrots, like a nice introduction/explanation to why Alex wanted to send that t-shirt to Piper. i insist we have more Vauseman too!

  4. I didn’t catch the oitnb faze in 2014, I only catch in 2019 after killing eve, when I watch I was struck by Taylor performance, phenomenal actress, who portray so well for piper and as if Taylor blend into piper and not 2 separate person, and from there back track to her older performance, mercy she was great too, it was a great drama and it was cancel, Taylor must be feeling very down at that point of time and oitnb is the answer to her fame, despite her fame, she will say thank you for having me during her interview and tell her fans you are welcome when they take picture with her, she is not arrogant by her fame, I bet she is the type of Friend where you could have deep conversation In the whole afternoon in cafe, maybe second season of mercy for Taylor, I totally have crush on Taylor, wish that she could find her true love

  5. I’m having Taylor Schilling withdrawals! I’ve watched all of her stuff, sometimes twice and I ‘m ready to see her in something new. Please tell me she is working on something. I think she is one of the premier actresses of our century. Hope to see her in something new soon. Til then, thank goodness for dvds and netflix.

  6. I wish Taylor would read “The Flight Girls” by Noelle Salazar and write and produce a screenplay and star as the lead. She is a strong, talented, beautiful person as our Taylor. I think she would be terrific in that role.

  7. The role would be good for her. However, I would LOVE to see her in an updated version of the life of Amelia Earhart, maybe with more recognition of Amelia’s feminism in her commitment to all women of courage. There is also very little written about her open marriage with George Putnam, where Amelia wrote that their marriage should remain “open.” Amelia was committed to two things in her life: aviation and women’s rights. Her next bio pic should reflect her legacy, not her death. Tay Schilling would be PERFECT in that role.

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