New interview of Taylor Schilling with Boston Herald

New interview of Taylor Schilling with Boston Herald

From Boston Herald

“I was taken with Laura’s vision and this female character that was unlike any I’d experienced before,” Schilling, 34, said. “Yes, people see Kate coming and they certainly do run — and that is something that I loved about her.

“We weren’t interested in making her likable, it was just being honest.”

About what exactly?

“About a woman who is not valuing domesticity in the way we culturally expect,” Schilling answered.  “She’s basing her worth on accomplishment and not apologizing for it. It doesn’t make her particularly likable but relatable.”

Kate may be a contemporary cutthroat but isn’t she a type that goes back to Dickens’ Scrooge, the self-centered, arrogant cynic who is nevertheless changed in a positive way?

“I know Laura was inspired by ‘Bad Santa.’ She loves that character and was interested in creating a female that was just as brash.”

Schilling found that Kate, who is particularly memorable in her nasty face-offs with Kate McKinnon’s pushy neighbor Jill, was not easy to forget once the film finished.

“She was very intense, it was kind of uncomfortable and it took a little bit of time to get rid of her.”

Now that Schilling has finished filming the final season for “Orange,” she is ready to move on.

“I think it’s time,” she said as she now looks “for the right thing. It’s an exciting time. I trust whatever life has to offer, I’m always open to whatever comes next.

“I love having a day that’s unplanned, being able to spend time with friends or read or go out and explore nature with my dog.”

(“Family” opens Friday.)

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