Laura Steinel talks about working with Taylor Schilling

Laura Steinel talks about working with Taylor Schilling

From Glides Magazine:

So you staged the scene at the Gathering but did you use actual Juggalos? Was there a Juggalo casting call?

Yes! What we did was—because we had Taylor [Schilling], and you can’t bring Taylor to the actual Gathering of the Juggalos; the insurance on that would be impossible [laughs]—we staged a mini-Gathering in Atlanta and the Juggalos in the area actually drove themselves there to be extras and to participate in the movie. They were so great. They slept over and it was cold and they camped outside. I was so grateful, and the only thing I could do was just buy them pizzas. They were just so wonderful. They really helped out.

We didn’t have too many people that could come. We only had about a hundred local Juggalos, so that scene I knew we would also going to have to go the real Gathering. There’s no way to replication the actual Gathering. It’s complete chaos. It’s something to see. I definitely knew that I wanted to capture that for the movie.

I’m glad you brought up Taylor. Was this a conceptually difficult sell for her?

No. She was so game, right away. She read the script and was the first person on board. She just sent me a very adamant message [saying], ‘I wanna do this.’ I was so grateful because we really needed an actress that was gonna attack the role and not be fragile about it. She brought her A-game, and it was incredible.

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