New still and interview of Taylor Schilling in ‘The Public’

New still and interview of Taylor Schilling in ‘The Public’


Emmy-nominated actress Taylor Schilling, known for “Orange Is the New Black,” plays Goodson’s friend, Angela, who is communicating with him inside the library in an effort to get the truth out about the demonstration the homeless patrons are enacting.

The media’s misrepresentation of the sit-in, reporting incorrectly that there is a hostage situation when it’s really a peaceful demonstration to enact social change is occurring, is another message seen in the film.

“Right now one of the things that I’ve noticed — and I think has been a theme of the past several years — is there’s, in addition to the amount of injustice and outrage that’s happening, an upswell of activism and active seeking for truth and active desire to participate,” Schilling said.

“I think that what my character’s doing in the film, sort of seeking the truth in a desire to get into the center of the story and let the narrative swim outside of what’s actually happening is something a lot of people can relate to,” Schilling continued. “I really appreciate her resilience and the desire to keep trying and to seek out answers.”




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