PRINT: New interview of Taylor Schilling with US Magazine at the premiere of The Public

Taylor Schilling talks to US magazine at the NY premiere of The Public

From US Magazine

Piper Chapman is moving on. Taylor Schilling, who is the only Orange Is the New Black cast member to have appeared in every single episode, is totally OK with the Netflix dramedy ending after season 7.

“It was very weird filming the final scene,” Schilling, 34, told Us Weekly at the New York premiere of The Public on Monday, April 1. “I thought that I had kind of moved through it. It was no surprise. I knew the thing was ending. I knew the date I was wrapping for, like, six months, but it was a very moving thing, to be amongst these people that I’ve known for so long and to know it was the last time I’d be on that set. It almost makes me want to cry right now and it just happened!”

She also noted that it’s “a big ending,” but that she was ready.

“Seven years is a long time and it wasn’t an inconsequential seven years. It was a very formative seven years for my existence as a human,” the Emmy nominee said. “So it was very poignant and it’s time. It feels like the right time for us to go off and tell other stories, but it had a lot of impact!”

She also noted that the cast, which includes, Natasha Lyonne, Laura Prepon and Taryn Manning, all communicate via group text.

“[We have] many that are epic,” she told Us. “You put your phone down for 10 seconds, 84 messages!”

The series wrapped filming in February and the first six seasons are now streaming on Netflix. A season 7 release date has not yet been announced.

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