New BTS photo of Taylor Schilling, Jackson Robert Scott and Nicholas McCarthy on the set of ‘The Prodigy’

New BTS photo of Taylor Schilling, Jackson Robert Scott and Nicholas McCarthy on the set of ‘The Prodigy’ 

From Fangoria

DIRECTOR’S POV: @theprodigymovie is out in theaters today! Director @mccarthy.nicholas sent us this exclusive photo of the moment during filming when he showed @tayjschilling and @jacksonrobertscottofficial a scene from the Mario Bava movie SHOCK on his laptop so they could understand what they were trying to recreate. McCarthy added, “The shot was done practically just like Bava had done it 40 years before. Absolutely no CG in the shot at all.”




PRINT: New interview of Taylor Schilling with Popsugar

Here’s a new interview of Taylor Schilling with Popsgar

IMPORTANT – The interview contains major spoilers of The Prodigy – we won’t post these but link back to the original interview 

From Popsugar

POPSUGAR: What really struck me while watching the film is that the plot is every mother’s worst nightmare. But that being said, regardless of whether or not you have kids, the story is still effectively chilling, especially for women. I’m wondering what your first impression was after reading the script and seeing the lengths Sarah has to go to for her son.

Taylor Schilling: I was blown away by this character, and by the time I finished the script, particularly with the turns that Sarah takes . . . at the end, she’s just trying to save her son. It really fooled me. It blew me away.

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New interview of Taylor Schilling with Daily Dead

Here’s a new interview of Taylor Schilling with ‘Daily Dead’

From Daily Dead

Daily Dead spoke with Schilling earlier this week about her first foray into horror, and the actress chatted about taking on the character of Sarah, collaborating with both McCarthy and Scott, and one of her favorite scenes from The Prodigy (which just so happened to be one of this writer’s favorites as well).

So great to speak with you today, Taylor. What I love about this story is that it goes to some very dark places, but also some very human places, which can be a tough line to walk. And I was curious, from your perspective, what was the biggest appeal coming into this film? Was it the character of Sarah, was it getting to work on this dynamic with the character of Miles? Was it just everything?

Taylor Schilling: I was really sold by the time we started working on the film and the places that Sarah goes to protect her son, or save him, or give him a shot, a chance at a normal life. And the intensity, the ferocity of her desire to protect is really what drew me. I was really shocked by the time I was finished reading the script, though, and I really liked that. But really, it was all about her. It was Sarah.

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