PRINT: New interview of Taylor Schilling with Popsugar

Here’s a new interview of Taylor Schilling with Popsgar

IMPORTANT – The interview contains major spoilers of The Prodigy – we won’t post these but link back to the original interview 

From Popsugar

POPSUGAR: What really struck me while watching the film is that the plot is every mother’s worst nightmare. But that being said, regardless of whether or not you have kids, the story is still effectively chilling, especially for women. I’m wondering what your first impression was after reading the script and seeing the lengths Sarah has to go to for her son.

Taylor Schilling: I was blown away by this character, and by the time I finished the script, particularly with the turns that Sarah takes . . . at the end, she’s just trying to save her son. It really fooled me. It blew me away.

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PS: As a viewer, it’s always so nice to see an actor that you know and love from one thing — in this case, I’ve been watching you for six years on Orange Is the New Black — inhabiting a totally different character than usual. Was it exciting for you as an actress to do something other than playing Piper?

TS: Thank you so much. I’m so excited to be doing something different. It’s thrilling to me. And yeah, that’s what I’m looking for. Not necessarily things that are diametrically opposed for the purpose of being opposed to Piper, but different than Piper. Just stories that I’m excited about telling and directors that I want to work with and characters that seem interesting. Yeah, that’s what I’m after.

PS: Is there a freedom — bittersweet, I’m sure — that comes with knowing that Orange Is the New Black is going to end and you’ll have time for tons of other things in the future?

TS: Yeah. It’s really exciting. It feels like the end of an era, like graduating from school or something akin to that. It’s really a big deal.

PS: Yeah, when I was preparing for this interview, I actually was thinking to myself how the world is so different from when Orange first premiered to now. It’s exciting, as a fan of the show, to know everyone on the cast is going to go out and be in all these new, wonderful projects. Is that something you guys have discussed at all yourselves?

TS: Yeah. What we have discussed and what I do know is that everybody is so excited about the possibilities that are in front of us. This show has given all of us so many opportunities and been such an incredible platform. But even with Natasha [Lyonne] going off and doing Russian Doll, or . . . everyone is able to spread their wings a bit now. It’s very exciting.

PS: Now that you’ve done this horror film, is there anything in particular that you would want to do next? Whether it’s a rom-com, or another horror film, or going on Broadway . . . anything like that?

TS: I think I’m just looking for a good story. I think I’m looking for the characters that I’m interested in playing, and projects that fit, and just surrounding myself with people that I love.

PS: Do you ever look for anything in particular about a potential film or TV show when you’re reading a new script?

TS: The character and the journey. And now more than ever, I’m excited to be working with really great people. That’s a part of what I’m looking for. I’m aiming for things in which I can express myself and parts of myself that people may not have seen before. There’s a lot of work that I feel I have left to do as an actor. And I’m excited for the opportunity to explore different options, different opportunities.

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