New Taylor Schilling interview with ‘Le Point’ (France)

Here’s a new interview of Taylor Schilling with Le Point

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Before making a living playing comedy, Taylor Schilling was a babysitter. A lucky nanny since none of the toddlers she kept have ever tried to kill her …

Especially known for his role as Piper Chapman in the series “Orange is the New Black” – which ends this year–, Taylor Schilling takes his first steps in the very particular genre of horror film with “The Prodigy”, the story of a boy possessed by the soul of a serial killer, to be released on February 8 in the United States.

The actress plays Sarah, Miles’ mother, a child prodigy who begins to undergo violent behavioral changes, which leads her to believe that a malevolent, and perhaps supernatural, force has taken control of him. And she is ready to do anything to get her boy back.

“That’s what made me decide to do this film: the efforts she made to protect her son and try to save him,” she says in an interview with AFP. “That’s what surprised me the most in this woman, really ready for anything.”

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Taylor Schilling, 34, says she has never been a big fan of horror movies, but “had a lot of fun” by shooting “The Prodigy”.

She says, however, that she herself was a little afraid during certain scenes. Jackson Robert Scott, who plays Miles, is for many, with his ability to pass in a wink from the innocent child to a merciless being. “Jackson really has a lot of talent,” says Schilling, for whom the young actor manages to “create something very beautiful.”

It must be said that Jackson Robert Scott, only 10 years old, already has a solid experience: it was he who played Georgie, the boy with yellow wax and red balloon in “That”, film inspired by Stephen King’s novel.

“The end of an era”
Fortunately for Taylor Schilling, she never “crossed Miles” while babysitting. “Children can become scary when it’s time to go to bed and they do not want to sleep, but I have to say I’ve never met one like this,” she jokes.

What really scares the actress in real life is “the thought of losing her mind”. “One thing that really affected me in Sarah’s role was when she no longer had the ability to trust her own reality, when she does not know if she’s talking to Miles or that other entity.” she explains.

The 30-year-old is also scared of sharks or fire, but she is not afraid to say goodbye to the role of Piper Chapman, the character that earned her Golden Globe and Emmy nominations. “Piper did well,” said Schilling, who is shooting the seventh and final season of the “Orange is the New Black” series.

“It’s as if it’s the end of an era, saying goodbye to this family that we have created will be moving,” she admits, referring to this small world, which she integrated in 2013, the (almost) fictitious Litchfield women’s prison.

A world of women that appears in a new light in the era of the #MeToo movement against harassment. “We are experiencing a lot of changes and I find it very encouraging that new voices can be heard,” says Taylor Schilling, questioned on the subject.

“I hope that “Orange” will serve as a reference point for women and that there will be more space to tell different stories”.

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