New interview of Taylor Schilling with ‘La Vanguardia’

Here’s a new interview of Taylor Schilling with ‘La Vanguardia’

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“There is an effort to make room for everyone’s voices”

Los Angeles (USA), Feb 2 (EFE) .- Taylor Schilling, the star of the series “Orange is the New Black”, moves to terror with “The Prodigy”, the kind of “exciting” project that will continue looking for an industry that, according to Efe admitted, is making “an effort to make room for the voices of all.”

Schilling temporarily leaves the jail of the popular Netflix show to play Sarah, a long-suffering mother who sees her son (Jackson Robert Scott, the child of the initial sequence of “It”) begin to experience disturbing behavior and discovers that a presence supernatural has taken over the little one.

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“The choices of my character are what most caught my attention in history,” the actress explained.

“I loved the script and when I got to the third act, I was absolutely disconcerted by her way of acting, by everything she decides to do to protect her son, but they are things that did not surprise me, I admire that about her, the strength and the courage he shows to save his son, “said the Emmy and Golden Globe nominee for” Orange is the New Black. ”

“The Prodigy”, premiered on February 8 and directed by Nicholas McCarthy, recalls in its tone to classics of the genre such as “The Omen”, “The Exorcist” or “Rosemary’s Baby”, in addition to having such a dismal soundtrack and magnetic like those of those titles.

Jackson Robert Scott is the famous child who played Georgie in the horror film “It” and has also appeared in the zombie series “Fear the Walking Dead”.

“It’s a game for him, he has a great time and the best thing is that he seems to do it without effort, he comes out naturally, he gets on paper to shoot and immediately he forgets and starts playing with little figures, talking to other actors or learn marine biology, I find it inspiring to see something like that, “she said.

Schilling had planned to take a break of two months and travel through India after finishing shooting the sixth season of “Orange is the New Black”, but received the script of “The Prodigy” and decided to back down.

“I still have that trip pending,” she said with a laugh.

The Netflix format will debut its seventh and final season this year – there is no official date, although all the previous ones were launched in June or July – but Schilling is more than ready for that moment.

“I hope that the series is remembered for presenting the voices of various types of women who had not been heard before on television,” said the actress. “He opened the doors to characters regardless of their color, gender, sexuality or social class, I think that in that aspect has been a groundbreaking series and has a place in history well deserved,” she added.

Its premiere in 2013 was a success and became one of the first major original pillars of Netflix, along with “House of Cards”.

“There is really an effort in the industry to make room for the voices of all, we can not speak of a change as such, but of efforts.” We are trying to make a significant difference, although studies are still conducted by men. We are in the process, “the artist reflected on the current situation of Hollywood in search of diversity.

For Schilling, in addition, it has been an experience that has changed his life.

“The friendships that I have made in the series will be with me all my life, but thanks to the series I have learned a lot about how the criminal justice system works in the US It has opened my mind and I have learned how to interpret the same character for many years,” she said.

For the future, the artist wants to continue finding projects that excite her as much as “T he Prodigy” and characters like Sarah’s. “I want stories like that, stories that do not go out of your head and you can not get away from them,” she said.

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