New picture and quotes of Taylor Schilling in CR Fashion Book

New picture and quotes of Taylor Schilling in CR Fashion Book

„Growing with the character of Piper has been a thrilling journey“, actress Taylor Schilling says, of the protagonist she plays on Netflix’s series Orange Is The New Black. „Seeing her evolve and discover herself within the confines of (the show’s fictional correctional facility) Litchfield has been an experience I’ll never forget.“ Already a rising star at the show inception five years ago, Schilling had appeared in 2012’s Argo, which took home the Best Picture Academy Award the following year. Part of the first bunch of original scripts that the streaming giant created in 2013 to compete with appointment television, Orange Is The New Black is now in its sixth season. Based on writer Piper Kerman’s memoir of serving for money laundering and created by Weeds creator Jenji Kohan, Orange Is The New Black’s impact on the zeitgeist in hard overstate, Schilling is part of an ensemble cast portraying life in women’s prison, and her … inmate Piper Chapman weaves her way through the show’s storylines, testing the limits of viewers’ empathy with her blunter. Credit is owed to Schilling for how much the role has needed …. of complicated women characters and how much we still want fix its star.   

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