New Taylor Schilling interview with Glamour UK

New Taylor Schilling interview with Glamour UK

Taylor Schilling managed to turn orange into the new black thanks to her turn as Piper Chapman in the Netflix original comedy-drama.

And now, in a new pulsating and tense original film, The Titan, she attempts to save the world alongside the dreamy Sam Worthington.

Starring in a film set in a dystopian future, where the world has become uninhabitable due to global warming, may sound like a Sci-fi lover’s dream, but until filming commenced, Taylor wasn’t a fully-fledged futurist geek.

“I’m not big into it! I love it when I do watch Sci-fi films, but I have never even really followed stars that much, I’m getting into it now,” she said. No time like the present then, hun.

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The role sees Schilling – quite literally – break free of her Orange Is The New Black roots by switching her blonde locks in favour of brunette bombshell status.

“I fully dyed my own hair and I really enjoyed it,” she said. “I did really like being brunette.” What is that age-old myth of blondes always having more fun?

Aside from surface shifts, the star is noticing a change in the Hollywood landscaping that surrounds her career, calling “a culture that supports women truly revolutionary” in light of Time’s Up. “Conversations that have been happening privately between myself and actor friends around questions of representation, what it means to be a woman and the games your need to play, becoming public is just extraordinary. It’s incredible, as women, that we are making space for the future girls.”

In light of this seismic change, it’s not surprising the actress urges the new generation of acting talent to quite simply be themselves. “As uncomfortable, unacceptable, as rough around the edges and as messy as that be,” she adds. “It’s so valuable and everyone wants that, and they may not know it yet, but they want your individuality. Be yourself in a world that is trying to evade and turn you into someone else. That is the most revolutionary act that there is.” Is anyone else fist pumping as they read this?

Given that Taylor rose to fame starring in a show with a female ensemble cast, it’s no great surprise to learn she is all about girl power, noting that almost every project she’s worked on has starred a woman that has taken her under her wing. “I have like a collection of jewels, I have a little jewel box full of mentors that I wouldn’t be able to do anything without.” What a metaphor for life, that is.

Amongst the swirl of media attention that comes with being a heavy-hitting Hollywood star, it’s rare to meet an actress who isn’t trying out yet another quick-fix wellness regime, too. “I try to not mess with my body, which often means, at times, not going on any kind of prescribed plan or following any kind of trends – I actively avoid that. I do really firmly believe my body is not an object that should be moulded into a shape or a size.”

But how does Schilling unwind if she isn’t doing a downward dog at dawn? “The truth is that I love it when I can be lying down in bed by 6pm with a book. I read for like 4 hours – I’d love to just read forever.” In case you were wondering, she is currently avidly reading Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow by Yuval Noah Harari, which “talks about how we came to be and what life for humans could be like in the future.” A light, feel good page turner it seems.

Speaking of the future, filming for another season of Orange Is The New Black has just wrapped and is heading to a computer screen near you very soon. However, ever the professional, Taylor is tight-lipped on plot spoilers, except coyly divulging, “everything has changed because of the way it ended last season with the riot and the girls. The women are in an entirely new place externally and a new place internally because a lot of relationships have changed. It’s exciting.” Our TV future is suddenly looking a little more utopian rather than dystopian!

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  1. What a kind human being is Taylor, as a fan I only wish you the best, may your dreams come true!!!

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