Taylor Schilling Interview with Diaro Sur

Taylor Schilling’s interview with Diaro Sur 

From Diaro Sur (Google translation)

Actress Taylor Schilling (Boston, 32) made her debut with the film “Dark Matter” (2007), opposite Meryl Streep. Six years later she received the role of her life, ‘Orange is the New Black’ – Piper Chapman. The series is inspired by a book of the same name written by Piper Kerman, where the protagonist talks about her experience in prison while portraying the women she met. The adaptation was by Jenji Kohan, declared by Time magazine as one of the hundred most influential people in the world. ‘Orange is the New Black’ does not just show life behind the bars. His narration investigates the life of each prey, the human aspect and the loneliness that these women suffer in silence. Netflix, the platform with fifty million subscribers worldwide, produces this series that in Spain issues (the fifth season) Movistar. In Los Angeles we were able to interview Taylor Schilling, who in fiction has stopped being an innocent woman to become a survivor behind the bars.

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– How have the characters changed after the tragedy they suffer at the end of the fourth season?
Piper is a woman who lives in constant state of vertigo, shame and disconnection, and that drama is part of the emotions of all the protagonists. She tries to stay halfway, disguising what she feels.

-Does the character affect you when you’re not working?”
A lot. I’ve been playing her for years and I have a close relationship with her. It’s something personal. I love Piper, she’s like a sister to me, although I do not always understand why she does what she does. Many times I would like to advise, warn and shout, ‘Stop!’

-Is the current political series of the United States fed?
The whole cast is aware of what is happening in the country. As you can imagine, we watch the news and read the newspapers. During the shoot we talk about what is happening. No one forces us to include it but I think it is part of the nature of the actresses and actors in the series.

– For three days there are riots in Litchfield jail, ‘Orange is the New Black’. Is it a mirror of the reality of American prisons?
There are people who die in the prison revolts in the United States; That is a reality It is a systemic problem that needs a review and a review. You can not limit the series when the context surrounding it is based on reality. I return to what you asked me before, the actuality is reflected in the series.

– Did you talk to Piper Kerman – the woman who wrote the memoirs behind the series – before playing the character.
No, I met her when we shot the first season and, as it progressed, she became a great help because she listened to me and gave me the opportunity to understand her experience with sensetive details.

– You think you could survive in jail?
No. They would eat me alive. Definitely.

– What were the most difficult scenes to shoot? Do the sexual scenes cost you?
This series is so good that it deserved to run the risk of filming that type of sequences. The series is sensational and I believe in the story that is being told. Sexual scenes, nudes, are worthwhile because they are an essential part of the story. The narration has twists and moments of great tension, of danger for the protagonist and we must relate every moment with the crudity of the real circumstances in a prison.

– Are not you afraid to fall into the stereotype of certain types of characters and to stop offering you other roles?
That happens in Hollywood. Now I’m focused on the character, on shooting movies that arouse my curiosity. We will see in the future. I know that my role is uncomfortable for the public, but that is what I look for as an actress, roles that are a challenge. I want to continue playing real heroes like Piper, a woman capable of metamorphosing her privileges and selfishness.

– How do you understand Piper’s sexuality?
She is an example that you fall in love with people and not the gender they represent. Never put labels.


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