New interview of Taylor Schilling and the ‘Orange Is The New Black’ cast with Vulture

Here’s a new short interview of Taylor Schilling and the ‘Orange Is The New Black’ cast with Vulture

From Vulture

In the new season of Orange Is the New Black, Litchfield devolves into chaos as the prisoners riot, and everyone’s lawlessness manifests differently. Taystee handles the hostage negotiations, while Flaca and Maritza run a beauty vlog. The otherwise quiet Frieda invites a handful of inmates — which includes much of the original cast — into her bunker near the old pool. Trained as a survivalist, Frieda has outfitted the bunker with enough food, supplies, and weapons to survive a nuclear war. But the space seems dark and cramped, and they are down there for hours. At a recent party for the premiere of season five, Vulture asked the cast and executive producer: What was it like to shoot there? (And how many Pop-Tarts did they consume?)

Taylor Schilling (Piper)
It was quite poignant simply being with the people we started the journey with who were all together again after five years. So many people came in and out, and there was something really poignant about being with the tribe. It is impossible not to think about it in the context of our lives as people, and where we were when we started together. So that last scene when we were holding hands was really powerful. It felt kind of reflective and sweet.

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