Discussion Post: ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 5

Discussion Post – Orange Is The New Black – Season 5 

Have you binge watched season 5 of OITNB? Do you want to discuss it with other fellow inmates and don’t be reminded of ‘beware of spoilers’? Here’s your chance!

  •  How did you like the season overall?
  •  Was it a good idea to have a whole season for the riot only?
  •  What did you think that Piper was trying to not get too involved in the riot?
  •  What about the Piper/Alex storyline?
  •  Was Taystee right to end the negotiations?
  •  And what about the last shot? What did you think?

Let us know in the comments! 

3 thoughts on “Discussion Post: ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 5

  1. I lovr it though. Best season so far. Vauseman was a tressure for us. Even i think that favid bowie heroes would fit for this season as rag’n’bone human, but anyway. I don’t think they will be separeted, i think that pool squad will be together. I dunno i think taystee did the right thing.

  2. Season 5 was probably my favourite! The level of intensity is just so overwhelming and amazing. It has such a powerful message, and it literally left me speechless. I’m a huge VAUSEMAN fan, so episode 12 was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever watched. Talk about that marriage proposal, I replayed that scene so many time. Taylor and Laura, I’m actually in love with them, like please marry me! VAUSEMAN ARE ENDGAME!

  3. Season 5 was pretty good overall. I would rate the seasons as 1>2>4=5>3. I consider season 3 to be underrated as it contains my favorite vauseman scene – the drama improv scene. I think that they could have spent most of the season on the riot and then had some episodes of the resolution. The whole season on the riot led to a lot of silly scenes with unimportant characters like the methheads. Piper stayed out of the riot because it was not really her fight and she had been burned for getting too involved in stuff before and needed to focus on Alex. The Piper/Alex storyline was great but they had way too little screen time, all their scenes including sex scenes were way too short but the episode 12 flashbacks were near perfect and the proposal was amazing, near perfect, unexpected and blew me away. Taystee was WRONG to end negotiations – they had almost all the demands met peacefully – she needed to consider that she was speaking for ALL of the prisoners. Instead she blew it and put everyone in danger! The last shot was amazing but I am scared for them. I don’t want any of them hurt and I don’t want vauseman separated. VAUSEMAN ARE ENDGAME! Taylor Schilling’s acting was amazing!!

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