New Taylor Schilling interview with Metro UK

New Taylor Schilling interview with Metro UK

From Metro UK

Whose head is going to roll next?

I’m not spilling the beans! At this point, we’re all in the service of the show. It’s bigger than one person, it’s less about, ‘what’s going to happen to me?’ The sum is greater than the parts…

Why did it take so long to have such a female-centric show on the air?

We still live in a misogynistic culture. We’re climbing our way out of that. Success in films has often been: take a male character, put him in the seat of the narrative and then females can support his arc. That’s just been the way it is. Things are changing because of people like [creator] Jenji Kohan, really bold and brave creators.

Who’s your dream guest star?

If I could have anybody in the world [Hollywood Golden Age legend] Gena Rowlands should come in and play a prison guard. Wouldn’t that be wild? She’d show those guys and really put them in their place.

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