New interview of Taylor Schilling with Vogue (Germany)

Here’s a new interview of Taylor Schilling with the German Vogue

From Vogue (Google Translation)

VOGUE: In preparation for your role as a prisoner Piper Chapman in the series “Orange Is the New Black”, you accompanied your father, a former prosecutor, to the youth court and visited New York’s infamous prison on Rikers Island. Are there any parallels between your personality and Pipers?
Taylor Schilling: When the offer came to portray her, Piper was there right away: her play with identities, which she tried like a variety of often unsuitable jackets, her feeling of being an outsider, so I could totally identify myself.

But her outsider role is an unusual one: Outside, she has a privileged life, which makes her even more vulnerable in Litchfield Detention Center.
She doesn’t understand the prison culture. All social rules, which one knows and internalizes, do not apply there.

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Piper is a complicated heroine: initially naive, then visibly refined and energetic. What facets do you particularly like?
When Piper discovers unpleasant truths about himself. Last year she tried to win the prison for herself. If I do everything right, I’ll make it. Not in Litchfield!

Life in prison is represented as a constant power struggle.
In a women’s prison, power is defined as to whom one belongs, who is responsible for what – it is a network of relationships. No one can simply take control, that demands refinement. The series shows the constantly changing alliances and their influence on the rank order.

The new season is a Tour de Force: A prisoner uprising brings all these conflicts to escalation.
It is fascinating to observe how people behave in a crisis. The quality of the series is that each person is portrayed in a multidimensional manner – each one can tell their story, and so new stars are born.

“Orange Is the New Black” also fights the increasingly indignant discussion about the American penal system.
The series has contributed much to the visibility of the grievances in US prisons. As a member of the Women’s Prison Initiative, I am passionate about these crass injustices. Once you know about it, it is very difficult to do anything.

The title song repeats the words “You’ve got time” like a curse – free citizen always complain about time deficit. How would you spend your days in prison?
I would be escaping to introspection, but at the same time being close to other people is incredibly important. And I would read a lot.

The series is shot in a giant studio in Queens, in the viewer the room arouses rather claustrophobic feelings.
The film set is very similar to Rikers. After spending so much time there, I long to meet new people and travel to the distance, preferably to Japan.

Are you dreaming of prison?
Not so often, but I’m dreaming of going somewhere to find out I’m imprisoned. This has penetrated deep into my subconscious mind.

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