New interview of Taylor Schilling with RadioTimes

New interview of Taylor Schilling with RadioTimes

From Radio Times

Orange Is The New Black began life as the tale of a woman (Taylor Schilling’s Piper Chapman) who ends up in prison for helping an ex girlfriend smuggle drugs, but in the four years since its debut on Netflix it’s become so much more. The spectacular wall of framed magazine covers at the entrance to the production office is evidence of that.

“I knew when we made it that it was something very special,” says Taylor Schilling, “but I don’t think I ever thought ahead in the way that would allow me to conceive of it being what it is now.”

A map on the wall behind us, which details the layout of the prison, momentarily distracts her. “I’m going to take it with me and figure out a way to burrow out of Lichfield!”

Her fellow cast members cherish this series too, but why do they think viewers have become so fond of it? “I think honesty and authenticity of the relationships is really what zings with people,” says Schilling. “I’m so thrilled that the show is touching so many people. I still am baffled by it a little bit.” 

Schilling is most proud of the fact that the show has tapped into a much bigger conversation about the US prison system. She and her castmates have learned a lot about the women’s prison system through their work with advocacy groups, and would really like to see things change.

“It’s atrocious,” she says of the current set up. “Season five really opens it up. There’s less room for character development and it’s more focusing on the political implications within the prison and outside of the prison of an inmate takeover.”

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