New interview of Taylor Schilling and OITNB cast with THR

New quotes of Taylor Schilling  and the cast of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ cast from interview with THR

From THR

Orange Is the New Black has long relied on shipping viewers into the unknown. Beginning with Piper’s (Taylor Schilling) first days in prison to the revolving door of inmates who get sent down to max, creator Jenji Kohan has a knack for shaking things up as soon as they get comfortable. Enter: season five of the Netflix prison dramedy.

While bingeing the new season, refer to these spoiler-free chats with a handful of the actresses behind the inmates. Taylor Schilling (Piper), Danielle Brooks (Taystee), Natasha Lyonne (Nicky), Adrienne C. Moore (Cindy), Laverne Cox (Sophia), Jackie Cruz (Flaca) and Diane Guerrero (Maritza) help shed some light on the journey as they set out to find justice for one of their own.

Piper and Alex Will Be Tested

When all hell breaks loose, Piper struggles to stay on the sidelines — somewhere Alex (Laura Prepon) is very comfortable to be. After last season’s tension, Piper’s “not being in the fight is trying to do what Alex wants, to try to appease her and grow,” says Schilling. “Piper’s question in prison is always: Where do I belong? And: I don’t belong. There’s more of an internal struggle for Piper of: How do I fit?” In an effort to help Taystee’s charge to fight for change on behalf of Poussey, Piper eventually finds meaning. “She doesn’t quite fit with that crowd, but she’s trying to find a place for herself that’s meaningful and that has been the struggle from the beginning because I think that leads her in various directions.”

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Anything Can Happen

As evidenced by the writers killing Poussey, the characters of Litchfield that viewers have grown to love are no longer invincible. “Across the board, we’re always sort of weirdly ready,” says Lyonne. “I’m sure it’s probably true of theGame of Thrones cast, where you secretly do some sort of internal thing where you brace yourself that that could happen at any moment — on some strange level.” As history has shown with real-life riots such as the famous Attica prison riot of 1971, prison uprisings don’t end well for the inmates — something foreshadowed throughout the season. Could more inmates be in jeopardy, even Piper? Schilling says, “I really think so. And I think that’s what keeps it interesting. There’s nothing really off limits or formulaic to what we’re doing.”

Brace for the Ending

“For these women who no longer have this system to put them in check — this is war,” says Brooks plainly of decisions caused by power shifts and role reversals, along with their looming consequences. After last season’s gut-punch of an ending, it’s hard to imagine how this season will finish its run. especially with Orange already renewed through a season seven. But “this one is a killer. This one is wild,” says Lyonne, adding that it was emotional to shoot. Schilling agrees, “It’s a big one,” even calling it  comparable in its impact to last season. “Maybe last season you could predict something was going to happen — you can’t grasp the full extent of it, but you can see where it’s going,” says Guerrero. “With this season, you just don’t know anything.”

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