New interview of Taylor Schilling and the Orange Is The New Black cast with THR

New interview of Taylor Schilling and the Orange Is The New Black cast with THR

From THR

For Taylor Schilling, Poussey’s death knocked the invincibility she once felt for her Piper Chapman. “I think it did that for everyone,” she tells THR.

Though, historically, prison riots never end well for the inmates, OITNB has already been renewed through season seven. Something all of the castmembers agreed on when speaking with THR was that from here on out, Litchfield will never be the same. As the pre-released first minute of the season revealed, the gun in Daya’s hand does go off. Without spoiling any plot points, the gunshot signifies the start of a riot that gradually plays out as the season unfolds. With the prisoners in charge, some use their power to negotiate needed prison reform, some stay on the sidelines and others, in true Orange form, run wild wreaking havoc.

That’s why the fifth season collectively lives and breathes to find justice for Poussey.

“The entire season is a reaction to Poussey’s death — all 13 episodes are in direct relation to Samira and Poussey,” says Schilling. “There’s never a breath of the season that she’s not involved in. She’s the context for the whole thing, which is, I think, the most beautiful way they could have honored that moment.”

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