New Taylor Schilling quotes from ‘Orange Is The New Black’ interview with Sunday Morning Herald

From Sunday Morning Herald:

The most high-profile recent target was Netflix’s blockbuster dramedy Orange Is The New Black, which begins streaming its fifth season next week.

OITNB is the most-watched of Netflix’s original series. It was the target of an extortion plot from hackers attempting to lure the streaming giant into paying them to ensure unreleased episodes were not illegitimately posted online. Netflix ultimately declined to pay up and the episodes were leaked.

Since the show’s inception, Lyonne and Schilling have formed a close bond off-screen.

“It’s very sacred,” Schilling says. “There have been scenes where we have been both weeping and losing it together. It gets real. The intensity of the relationship we have now informs the story. The dynamics on-set often feed into the story. It’s quite rare.”

To emphasise their point, Schilling and Lyonne identify a scene last season that concluded with them smoking drugs in a field with Laura Prepon’s character, Alex.

“That was a heavy day,” Lyonne says. “All three of us were going at it. Taylor’s work was deeply next level. We were watching her stay in it scene to scene and we had to rise to what she was throwing down.”

You can read the full interview at the source

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