New interview of Taylor Schilling with Huffington Post

Here’s a new Taylor Schilling interview with the German Huffington Post

From Huffington Post (Google translate for now)

Taylor, Orange Is The New Black goes to the fifth season. What can we expect?
It will be an incredibly exciting season. For the first time, the plot will only be played within three days and will be very manageable. The big center is a rebellion in Litchfield. I can’t say more though.

Orange Is The New Black shows many different and very strong female characters. Is right now the perfect moment for putting a sign?
Definitely! Television can create a whole movement and the time is definitely the right one to make it clear that women’s rights, racism and discrimination are important issues.

To what extent is Netflix perhaps even the better platform?
At Netflix, we have a little more freedom. While we have our guidelines, it is not as strictly defined as in classical television. There is room for improvisation.

But not everyone is made for improvising.
That’s true. This is something quite risky and something you have to be able to do.

With Orange Is The New Black, you have definitely done a lot. The series has already been extended to season 7 last year. This is rather unusual. Is there not the danger of leaning back and becoming lazy?
No not at all. For my part, I do not have that at least (laughs). I want this series to be just as great as it is. And most importantly, I would like one day to look back on it and be proud of it until the end of my life.

Central criticisms, which are communicated through the series, are directed mainly towards the judicial system in the USA. What’s wrong here?
I think I’ve noticed much more by working on Orange Is The New Black, what is wrong here. As a normal citizen, it’s often not clear why somehow an awareness has to be created. To know about this is the A and O. People partly do not want to see what is going on and get it put through us once again in the hopes, in the hope that we can bring the subject further rolling.

One final question to conclude: After five years of Orange Is The New Black, many of us has time issues. How long has Piper been in jail?
I understand that (laughs). This is not easy to say, but Piper has been for about ten months in Litchfield.

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