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Piper Chapman, the real “gangsta” of Orange is the New Black and the blushing rose to Alex Vause’s bespectacled thorn, has spent the past four OITNB Seasons flying the flag for white privilege everywhere because, to quote the great woman herself, “bitches gots to learn.”


Meet Taylor Schilling, The Actress Who Plays Piper Chapman

Born in July 1984 in Massachusetts, Taylor Schilling became obsessed with the ’90s hospital drama ER as a child and decided to pursue a career acting, eventually entering the prestigious graduate program at NYU’s Tisch School before dropping out in her second year to start auditioning.

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Balancing the draining auditioning process with being a Manhattan-based nanny, Taylor landed roles in the 2007 movie Dark Matter and the NBC medical drama Mercy as well as a slew of stage credits to her name.

However, Taylor achieved her breakout by securing the role of Piper Chapman in Netflix’s #OrangeIsTheNewBlack in 2013, going on to garner both Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy nominations for her portrayal of the good girl-turned-wannabe bad girl in the Show.

Taylor Schilling Fun Facts & Trivia

  • Fact No.1 – Taylor’s Hair Keeps Falling Out: As she has to dye her hair so often for different projects, she ofter wakes up to discover large clumps of her hair have fallen out onto her pillow overnight.
  • Fact No.2 – Taylor Is Not A Millennial: She’s not a big fan of social media, telling Rolling Stone it makes her feel “uncomfortable” and “exposed.”

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