NEW PROJECT: Taylor Schilling to star in ‘the public’

New movie role for Taylor Schilling!


From Deadline:

Written by and co-starring Estevez, the public centers around a standoff with police and library officials during a brutal, life-threatening cold snap. Staging an Occupy-style sit-in, library patrons — many of whom are homeless and mentally ill — turn the Cincinnati Public Library into an impromptu shelter for one night. Drawing from the current political climate, the film strives to give equal voice to both sides as it examines the question of who will care for those who are unable to care for themselves?

Baldwin (Still Alice) will play a crisis negotiator attempting to de-escalate the standoff. Estevez and Malone (The Hunger Games trilogy) play librarians caught up in the crisis. Schilling (Orange Is the New Black) will play a character who helps expose the truth as a corrupt media spins the story for ratings. And Smith (who co-wrote the Oscar-winning song “Glory” from the Selma soundtrack) portrays one of the homeless Occupy patrons.

From The Wrap:

The project, written and co-starring Estevez, is currently in pre-production. The film follows a standoff between the police and and library officials that turned into the most brutal cold snap in recent Cincinnati history.

 Baldwin is set to play a crisis negotiator in charge of keeping the standoff under control. Estevez and Malone will play two librarians caught up in the standoff, while Schilling will play a character who desires to expose the truth. Smith will play one of the homeless Occupy patrons.

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