Article: New quotes of Taylor Schilling from the Ohio college tour last week


From The Denisonian

With the 2016 Presidential election becoming one for the history books, many celebrities are urging college students to vote, including Taylor Schilling and Kate Mulgrew from the Netflix original series Orange is the New Black.

Schilling and Mulgrew are on a college tour to encourage young voters to support Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton. The two made their way to Denison last Friday as one of the stops on their tour.

Although brief, the two actresses got right to the point of their speech. They encouraged the crowd to vote for Secretary Clinton as they feel she is the only real option this election.

Some questions from the crowd created discussions about Hillary’s support of the LGBTQ community and her views on private prisons.

“What we see is that he [Trump] wants to pull our government out of most everything, and a prison that is not run and subsidized is very dangerous,” Schilling said on the privatization of prisons.

“Trump would privatize his bathroom if he could,” Mulgrew added with laughter.

Schilling and Mulgrew were vibrant and friendly as they treated each listener as if she was the only one in the crowd. The two even stayed a few minutes after the rally for autographs, pictures, and an interview.

The co-stars, who stated that they have been friends for about ten years, shared many similar views.

“[The most important issue is] human rights. If I was you, as a millennial, I would think about gun control, climate control, and student debt, all of which Secretary Clinton is going to take care of determinately and succinctly. She has her policies in place like nobody’s business and you are going to be the happy beneficiary.”

Schilling had a similar viewpoint, and also stressed the importance of young voters registering and going to the polls on November 8th.

“This is a time where we do not have the privilege to be indifferent and every vote, every person counts. No matter what your previous political leanings were, there is only one candidate that has the experience, the wisdom, and the temperament that can lead us back together.

Because Orange is the New Black deals with such relevant topics, Schilling and Mulgrew do not shy away from discussing the problems this nation faces.

“I am really proud that the show tackles such important political issues and it weighs on me because it is difficult to shoot yet inspiring,” Schilling added.

Although their appearance happened during class hours, the arrival of the stars drew a heavy crowd, with many eager students.

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New quotes & photo of Taylor Schilling from the Bowling Green University event

New quotes of Taylor Schilling from the Bowling Green University Event


From BG Falcon Media:

Taylor Schilling, along with co-star Kate Mulgrew, are making stops across the state to campaign for Hillary Clinton and Democrats in local and state elections. On Saturday, Mulgrew and Schilling appeared at the coffee shop Grounds for Thought to show their support for State Rep. Candidate Kelly Wicks at his canvass launch.

Schilling said she was excited to see such a big crowd come out, and was “inspired by the enthusiasm and energy, particularly of so many young people.”

With her role on “Orange is the New Black,” Schilling said she has recently become more aware of what it means to have one’s civil liberties taken away, and the importance of being active on this issue.

“Indifference is not a luxury we can afford anymore,” Schilling said. “It is so valuable for each and every one of us to use our voices and protect our civil liberties and vote.

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