Taylor Schilling talks about working with Wildfang & I Am That Girl

From InStyle

InStyle‘s partner I Am That Girl recently teamed up with Wildfang, known as the online shop tomboys call home, to ask 17 celebrities (in honor of the 17-day span of the Olympics) to help create a limited-edition set of pins with designs inspired by how they boost their confidence. Stars like Taylor Schilling, Amanda Seyfried(both past participants of InStyle and I Am That Girl’s #innerstyle column), Evan Rachel Wood, and Emmanuelle Chriqui all contributed to the “You Got This” collection, designed by Portland, Ore., artist Chelsea Snow, and featuring funny yet inspirational sayings like Schilling’s “Fortune Favors the Bold” fortune cookie (below) and Seyfried’s “Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow” turntable (bottom).

 “It was a life-changing event for me that proved that fighting fear can open you.” Schilling’s back-story shares that sentiment. “Doing things that scare me [make me feel confident],” she tells InStyle. “Then on the other side, looking back and knowing, ‘I did I that, I survived that, I can do it again.’ Those sorts of experiences accumulate into knowing I am capable.”



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