Taylor Schilling supports ‘United Against Hate’

Taylor Schilling supports ‘United Against Hate’ 


From United Against Hate:


An open letter to the voters of the United States:

We are a coalition of artists who, today, are joining millions of Americans in our commitment to defeat the presumptive Republican nominee for president, Donald Trump.

We believe it is our responsibility to use our platforms to bring attention to the dangers of a Trump presidency, and to the real and present threats of his candidacy.

Donald Trump wants to take our country back to a time when fear excused violence, when greed fueled discrimination, and when the state wrote prejudice against marginalized communities into law. His rhetoric and policy proposals exclude, degrade, and harm:

  1. Mexican and Latino people
  2. Black people
  3. Muslim people
  4. LGBTQ people
  5. Women and their health care providers
  6. Asian people
  1. Refugees
  2. People with disabilities
  3. Working class people
  4. American prisoners of war
  5. …and those of countless other marginalized communities.

When dangerous and divisive leaders have come to power in the past, it has been in part because those of goodwill failed to speak out for themselves or their fellow citizens. Some of us come from the groups Trump has attacked. Some of us don’t. But as history has shown, it’s often only a matter of time before the “other” becomes me.

That is why we need to unite before it is too late—for the sake of our fellow Americans and for the sake of our democracy—and why it is so critical for those of us with the privilege to speak out to do so loudly and forcefully, in our work, online, and in our communities, with all the resources we have at hand.

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