NEW Picture of Taylor Schilling as Piper Chapman on Netflix

NEW Picture of Taylor Schilling as Piper Chapman on Netflix


Pic via PiperSchilling


Great article on ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 4


From Tribeca

Spike Lee frequently discusses, with by now bemused frustration, how white audience members still approach him to this very day to ask if Mookie, the pizza boy protagonist he played in Do the Right Thing, actually did the right thing during the film’s fiery finale.

The title of Lee’s signal cinematic masterpiece is frequently raised as a cut-and-dry ultimatum to viewers, who are often posed the same exact question that has stalked Lee since the film first debuted in 1989: did Mookie do the right thing? I’ve been in at least four separate film classes in which professors talk circles around the question and students, in turn, bristle at the audacious ambiguity of both Mookie’s actions and Lee’s writing. But the question itself or, rather, its continued point of focus has always been perplexing: how has one of the most disturbing sequences in film history, in which a black man is suffocated from beneath a police officer’s strangling baton, managed to trigger single-minded scrutiny on the actions of one man and not the larger, detrimental institution at fault?

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